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UK Fantasy Strike Meetup! 29/10/16


My holiday has been approved. Just gotta book flights and find a place to stay. You can definitely count me in.


How long you staying for?


I’ll arrive on Friday (probably morning) and depart Sunday (late afternoon). My friend already has guests staying over so I’ll be staying in a hotel or something.


Sounds hella cool. We should hang out.


It’s been a while, but last time I booked a cheap hotel in London, I think we went for the Wembley Park Premier Inn. It was about £60 a night and right next door to an underground stop which made getting around easier. The tube stop was zone 4, so a bit further out, but I think the all-day travel pass was still pretty cheap.

There’s probably better options, but that’s one that I’ve used and not regretted


Maybe you should come down again and take part in the meet up


Wish I could :frowning: codex should have turned up by then and I could get you guys to fast track me from noob to ninja


So do we have a location such picked out for this?

I’m still planning on attending I just need to start figuring out transport and accommodation and stuff.


Definitely London! Beyond that, I don’t yet know. I’d better get my research on!


Wherever we end up I hope they allow table booking just so we can guarantee to have a table.


Quoting snoc’s suggestions for locations.


I’m happy to make phone calls to pubs/venues/whatever as Resident UK Person


If the venue requires a down payment for some reason to book a table. I be happy to e transfer who ever booking the location some cash if it helps us get the spot.


I booked my flights and hotel today, gonna be getting into stanstead at Friday lunchtime and fly out at much the same time on Sunday.

I managed to find a pretty funky looking south American themed hotel nearby kings college hospital (church Street hotel if anyone is interested).

If we can figure out even just a rough vicinity for gaming fairly soon that’d be really helpful for planning imo


Just saw this thread. Can I add my name to the list? I live in London.

Also, has anyone in the UK received their Codex Deluxe yet? Who is shipping? I seem to remember getting an email some weeks ago, but can’t locate it now!


Ayy my dude! Count yourself in.
I’ll rewrite the list soon.

Also since you live in London, you’ve just been promoted to number one consultant on location… And my personal tour guide!

Hah, just kidding. But all suggestions are helpful!


Well, I live in Hampstead, north London, on the northern line.

My games club meets in Hampstead Waterstones, twice a month. It’s a great location!


Updated list of people:

Confirmed attending:


I think this is accurate, but I could be wrong.

Also it’s still a really stupid rule that you can only tag 10 people. What purpose does it even serve?


I guess to avoid a spam bot going nuts and tagging everyone and their cat. People will generally find ways to be awful about anything :chibidegrey:


My tickets to lreland and London are finally booked . i will be staying near West Ham, City View Hotel (if anyone is interested)
Also just wondering when a final location for the met up will be determine?