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[Tournament] Codex Asynchronous suMmer Swiss (CAMS) 2018


I’m in. Necro/demon/finesse


What the heck, I’m in. mono green plz


1 Week Bump!

We have a decent sized field forming up.

@shax still need a deck selection :smiley:


I’ll give [Balance/Growth]/Strength a spin.


Alright, I’ve thought long and hard about it.
It’s time to shake the rust off.





Last call :smiley:

Well, not really, accepting signups until next Thursday




  1. [CAMS18] Hobusu [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth vs Cstick :psfist: [Finesse]/Present/Discipline
  2. [CAMS18] Bomber678 :psfist: [Future]/Peace/Blood vs Shax [Necro]/Peace/Blood
  3. [CAMS18] FrozenStorm :psfist: [Demon/Necro]/Finesse vs Dreamfire [Demon]/Anarchy/Balance
  4. [CAMS18] charnel_mouse [Balance/Growth]/Strength vs Shadow_Night_Black :psfist: Monopurple
  5. [CAMS18] Lettucemode MonoGreen vs Zhavier :psfist: [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth
  6. [CAMS18] RathyAro :psfist: [Demon/Necro]/Finesse vs Nekoatl [Demon]/Strength/Growth
  7. [CAMS18] CarpeGuitarrem :psfist: Monored vs. codexnewb [Future]/Peace/Balance

Please title your match threads to match the titles here, player 1 is expected to create the threads.


@zhavier this is probably unlikely to be an issue, but since we have had CAMS in the past, it might be best to have the lead tag be [CAMS18], just in case folks repeated decks they played in last CAMS

@Dreamfire I’ll start our game tomorrow, I’ve had a busy week and taking my laptop to the apple store tonight (it won’t boot, been using my wife’s for work)


Good idea, I’ve made adjustments

Reminder, you need to start the threads for your matches.


Dont know how i missed this. let me know if anyone needs a sub. ill register with [Future]/Peace/Balance just in case a spot opens up.


You also missed that @carpeguitarrem gets paired with any late sign up.

Enjoy! You are now fighting carpe. Carpeguitarrem will get first player.


Because there wasn’t a link waiting: [CAMS18] CarpeGuitarrem Monored vs. codexnewb [Future]/Peace/Balance


Just to note, Even if not all matches are complete, new matches will be posted tomorrow. Ideally another game or 2 will complete by then, but matches will be paired according to the rules stated above.




  1. [CAMS18] Nekoatl [Demon]/Strength/Growth vs charnel_mouse :psfist: [Balance/Growth]/Strength
  2. [CAMS18] codexnewb [Future]/Peace/Balance vs RathyAro :psfist: [Demon/Necro]/Finesse
  3. [CAMS18] Dreamfire :psfist: [Demon]/Anarchy/Balance vs Lettucemode MonoGreen
  4. [CAMS18] Shadow_Night_Black :psfist: MonoPurple vs Hobusu [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth
  5. [CAMS18] Cstick :psfist: [Finesse]/Present/Discipline vs CarpeGuitarrem MonoRed
  6. [CAMS18] Zhavier :psfist: [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth vs Bomber678 [Future]/Peace/Blood
  7. [CAMS18] Shax [Necro]/Peace/Blood vs FrozenStorm :psfist: [Demon/Necro]/Finesse

Cstick and Rathyaro got re-paired due to an error i made pairing codexnewb and carpeguitarrem twice.


Data on codex choices:

Specs and Starters listed from most selected to least.

Black Starter 5
Red Starter 3
Purple Starter 3
Green Starter 2
Neutral Starter 1
Blue Starter 0
White Starter 0
Growth 5
Balance 4
Anarchy 4
Demonology 4
Strength 4
Blood 3
Necromancy 3
Peace 3
Future 3
Finesse 3
Present 2
Feral 1
Fire 1
Past 1
Discipline 1
Disease 0
Law 0
Truth 0
Ninjutsu 0
Bashing 0


Are you telling me there is no Free Speech in this tournament?


That’s the truth.


By the looks of things, we’ve grown out of it, and there’s a real strength in that.


Thanks for compiling the stats @Shadow_Night_Black

However, I’m pretty sure there’s 4 demon decks:

NekoAtl on Demon/Str/Growth
Rathy on Demon/Necro/Finesse
FrozenStorm on Demon/Necro/Finesse
Dreamfire on Demon/Anarchy/Balance