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[Tournament] 19XX: Ace 4 - Tournament in progress!


Only if @Bomber678 signs up.


I will play if you have exactly 31 players and need one more for a full bracket.


cant believe you banned one fifth of the characters but two thirds of my mains


I will play


Welcome to my world where it’s pretty much 100% of my mains! I’m a filthy top tier picker.


For me it actually causes me to pick my “low tier” main much less often percentage-wise, as 3 of my 7 Vendetta counterpicks are banned.


alright. put me in coach.


TWO MORE! TWO MORE! I believe in this!


I believe I can fly…


IYL has me worn out so I’m going to have to skip this 19xx I’m afraid.


That’s fair. <3 Hope to see you next round!


I’ll play just so @Niijima-san has to play. :wink:

Put me in.


Alright! Sign-ups are still open. Niijima isn’t a fan of the format, so I’d like to spare him having to play a tournament he doesn’t want to. One more participant! One more participant! :smiley:


I wish I could be that participant… :cry:


@cpat I can’t remember, were you going to sign up depending on the start date? Let me know.


There still a spot for this? I’m interested in playing


Heck yeah! Congratulations on getting us to 32 players! :smiley:



Tournament will officially start June 16th. Thanks everyone for signing up! Looking forward to some cool matches!


Extra special shoutouts to the players I haven’t seen in a tournament before! You rock, and it makes me incredibly happy to see you sign up! Welcome to the action!


A thank you to you and the other Co-TO for running this tourney