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[Tournament] 19XX: Ace 4 - Tournament in progress!


[hacker voice]


ELO be damned! I’m for anything that shakes up the hierarchy around here! :ok_hand::point_left: (rofl)



Lol why did this post get flagged as soon as you posted it


F-it I’m in


I’m in too, sounds like fun


I tested the Plan in person last night against a friend on her second attempt at the game and it didn’t go so well. We’ll see how it turns out against more seasoned opposition in the tournament.


I would like to play. Is it too late to sign up?


Not too late at all! Welcome!


The algorithm knew it was too fire.


Sure, I’m in.


As much as I don’t want to, I think I need to back out of this. I’m not sure when exactly it’s starting, but there’s a very real chance that I’d have to miss some matches because of IRL circumstances beyond my control…

@mysticjuicer, I’ll let you know if this changes, but please take me off the list for now.


On a more hype note,



Is it Perse’s time to shine?



Are there 5 more players who would like to make this a perfect 32?

tempt tempt








Fiiiiine, I need to stay in the swing of Yomi anyhow.



4 more! 4 more! 4 more!