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[Tournament] 19XX: Ace 4 - Tournament in progress!


Hey everyone!

With a few weeks left before IYL pools wrap up, I figured now is a good time to get people thinking about the next installment of 19XX! Sign-ups will be live until the tournament actually starts, and I will launch the tournament once IYL play-offs start.

The year is 20XX. Everyone plays Fox at TAS levels of perfection. Because of this, the winner of a match depends solely on port priority. But it wasn’t always this way…

[insert picture of a caped and helmeted hero standing on a tall building, surveying a cyberpunk mega-city here]

‘19XX: Round 4’ is a double-elimination event with a short list of banned characters. The purpose is to get people to play characters (and match-ups) that they might ordinarily not, and to give some of the lower tier characters a chance to shine.

Tournament format and rules
  • Banned characters: :degrey::geiger::troq::zane:
  • Character select: First game of a set is double-blind, thereafter the loser of each game may switch while the winner must remain the same character
  • Format: Double-elimination
  • Timer: Medium
  • Set Length: First to four wins
  • Scheduling: You will have one week to schedule and complete each match, deadline is Monday evening Eastern time. I will discuss who loses in a situation where a match fails to occur with my co-TOs.
  • Double KOs: No wins or losses awarded - replay the same match-up
  • Server Crash: No wins or losses awarded - replay the same match-up
  • Reporting: Either the victor or the vanquished (or both) should post results in this thread.
  • Sportsmanship: Be nice!
  • Prize: A prize of cash value not to exceed 20 Canadian funbucks will go to the tournament winner (like an indie game on Steam, or some print-and-play game from the Sirlin store, or something)
    • If I win, I will release a YouTube video of myself enjoying a delicious ice cream sandwich and fanning myself with a $20. Even if it’s cold as fuck.
    • Additional prize - the winner will get to choose the word that replaces ‘Round’ in the tournament name for the next event.

Scheduling Tip 1: is an excellent resource for scheduling matches across timezones.

Scheduling Tip 2: If you are posting to the scheduling conversation first, provide a list of dates and times when you are available to play. If you are posting to the scheduling conversation second, pick a specific start time and date for your match from those provided by your opponent. If none work for you, propose specific alternatives.

Participants List (32)




migo hunter

Southpaw Hare





Previous Champions

19XX: Rebel 1 - Fivec
19XX: Waifu 2 - BD_Corro
19XX: Kerfuffle 3 - Legion


First! Also, in.


By the way, I would be deeply grateful if you’d be willing to help me use your Auto-TO fancy stuff to run the event. It looks super slick, and like it saves a lot of time, but I honestly have no idea how to use it. Would you be available to have a call sometime to walk me through it?


Incidentally, if there are any volunteers to act as co-TOs, that’d be great! No previous TO experience required. I believe last year I didn’t even need to consult them on anything. Basically you would be there to help me decide how to assign any forfeits due to lack of scheduling, and if necessary, to make any judgement calls where I am unable to schedule a fight with my own opponents.

Total time investment would probably be like 1 hour over the course of the whole event.


Curse you @mysticjuicer, I was just thinking about finding a window for my own restricted character pool tourney! I can co-TO if you want.


Sweet. Are you also signing up?


Yeah, let’s give this a go. I have a Plan which will probably result in a lot of losses but we’ll see.


#GwenMeta2018 ?!


Yeah, definitely. I’ll try and write up some instructions as well.


Count me in. I’m gonna to win one of these events sooner or later, even if it kills me.


Let me at 'em!

Edit: I can also co-TO if you need more than one.


Great, thanks for volunteering!


Me and Quince have decided to participate in this paltry event to teach you heathens what civilization is.


I’m in! I need an excuse to expand my playable roster anyway, so I’ll even commit to no Setsuki this time.

unless you use setsuki against me and i lose, then i reserve the right to start a mirror for maximum hilarity


Big thinkies


Ah, finally!
Count me in for sure!


More great time with Yomi? Yes, pls.


Sure, I need an excuse to take Zane off my bench and sub in Lum.



Looking forward to the new tournament name, sign me up!


The name has been decided!