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Rules Questions thread

Good to know. I have to fix this in my book, which is otherwise very good. Thank you Neokatl!

But how do I find that? I cannot find it under #634?

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Got it. It was 669. One more question:

I have Porcupine as a Squad Leader: If a Masked Raccoon is also a Patroller and Porcupine is killed with Overpower: does the excess damage hit the Raccoon if I don´t have any other Cute Animal (or is the combat simultaneous and the Raccoon still Unattackable)?

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I got #634 from the magnifying glass, searching this thread for ‘deathtouch’. I find trying to use the scrollbar to be inaccurate and inconsistent.

That is a good question! I believe the Raccoon can’t be selected because it’s unattackable, but I’m not sure. @sharpobject?

I agree that it cannot be selected because it’s unattackable.



Does the “you” on the cards refer to the controller of the card or the active player?

Example: Hardened Mox: “You” can´t sacrifice this.

Does this “you” mean the controller or the active player (example: can Sacrifice the weak kill (exhaust) Mox?)

“You” refers to the card’s controller. Sacrifice the Weak states that “Each player sacrifices their weakest unit”, so it doesn’t circumvent Hardened Mox’s ability.

Is this verified somewhere? So “taking control” means it “arrives in play” technically?

Rulebook, page 5.

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Thank you, Bomber!

Small erratum: anything that you’ve controlled since the beginning of your turn, otherwise things can get a bit funky with Horselords. See here.

If someone uses Sickness on an illusion, since the illusion dies before they even get a chance to put the rune on the illusion, can they put the rune on another target?

You don’t get to target an Illusion, then change your choice of target after the Illusion dies because it was targeted. If that worked, you could kill 20 Illusions with a single Deteriorate.

If you mean does killing an Illusion by targeting it with a spell that gives -1/-1 runes trigger Orpal’s maxband, the answer is again no, because the Illusion died before it received the -1/-1 rune.

How do channeling spells work in Lost Temple? RAW, I’d say you can cast them and they function normally, but if you summon the associated hero, and then that hero dies, you have to sacrifice the spell. Though, that seems a bit silly…

Based on the card text “…and don’t need hero’s to cast spells” your Channeling spell would immediately be sacrificed if you don’t have a matching hero. (the same as if you assimilated a Channeling spell without the matching hero)

I agree with this. Bird’s Nest would still get you birds, but without the hero, the nest goes poof.

That’s what I thought at first, but looking at Dreamscape, it says “Sacrifice it when you lose your Truth hero.” That sounds like a triggered ability that responds to Quince’s removal.

The standard wording for channelling is to sacrifice it when you lose the relevant hero, which implies what Nekoatl said. The ruling, however, is that you sacrifice any moment you don’t control them. Which is good, because the former version would have some interesting repercussions for Assimilate.


Wondering how Orpal’s maxband interacts with Flagbearers. The main question is whether triggering Orpal’s ability counts as “playing” an ability. I’m kind of thinking not? Since it’s not a voluntary action, right?

But if it does, then supposing both players controlled a card with the Flagbearer ability, and I attacked into my opponent’s maxband Orpal, I would be required to target my own Flagbearer unit for one of those runes, I would think.

The ability specifically mentions that the active player places the resulting runes, so you’re not required to target your own Flagbearer.

EDIT: Oh, but you’d have to target your own if they have their own Flagbearer, if you’re closely following the Flagbearer text:

Whenever an opponent plays a spell or ability that can ◎ a flagbearer, it must ◎ a flagbearer at least once.

Right, if triggering Orpal’s maxband counts as “playing” it, then if I trigger it by having a unit die, then as the active player I would be “playing” his ability, and his Flagbearer ability would apply, requiring me to target a Flagbearer if possible. Since I have a Flagbearer unit that’s “friendly to the dead unit”, I would be required to target it, yes?

That’s part of why I think triggering an ability doesn’t count as playing an ability. I’m just wondering if this question has been hashed out already.