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Rules Questions thread

I tried to find with the search function… Can somebody point me the way? Exact definition of combat damage seems to be a bit tricky…

And what about Spark shot? That’s combat damage, too…right?

I can’t find it right now. Just ask your specific questions here and we’ll answer them.

Short answer is “abilities usually aren’t combat damage (but overpower is (and maybe sparkshot too? I forget))”

Also the first post in this thread has a bunch of links to really useful resources, including the official ruling spreadsheet which contains a bunch of nit-picky rules like that.

Combat damage is not the easiest thing to describe, the list is basically

  • Unit’s/Hero’s Power
  • Tower Damage
  • Overpower (technically this is Unit’s/Hero’s power that has been redirected)
  • Sparkshot

Notably Sparkshot/Tower are also an abilities (making it combat ability damage, which matters for things like sentry. Hotter Fire should be read as “Non combat damage” for these) .

Any other damage source is not considered “combat damage” even if its trigger is from a creature attacking.


1.) With Unit’s/Hero’s Power you mean their ATK, right?

2.) Overpower is also an ability, right? So a Sentry would also cancel the first excess damage of Overpower, right?

3.) What exactly do you refer to by

Hotter Fire should be read as “Non combat damage” for these ?

  1. yes
  2. yes
  3. Hotter fire doesn’t buff attack, only red spells and abilities

Wait sorry, no


Best explanation I’ve had for that ^ is that overpower doesn’t create any new damage, as compared to sparkshot which creates one new dmg point and therefore can be stopped by Sentry. However, both sparkshot and overpower’s damage is combat damage as well as ability damage, but neither are boosted by Hotter Fire, so Shadow_night_black thought it should say “non-combat damage” on the card (instead it says it in the extra rulings in the database).

If I have zero gold but a Patroller on the Scavenger slot:

My opponent kills my Patroller with a Gunpoint Taxman: Is he allowed to steal my “Scavenger”-gold?

Yes, because the scavenger bonus and Gunpoint Taxman’s ability trigger at the same time so the active player can choose the order to resolve them.

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