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Would Captured Bugblatter’s ability trigger when Maximum Anarchy is played?

I think that it does. I just want to make sure.


Yes, and it does damage for every unit that dies, including itself.


If I have a focus master on the board and a unit of mine that is a 1/1 gets attacked by a 7/7 does that use up all tokens and kill the 1/1?

Or because the 1/1 did not take “exactally leathal damage” the ability does not trigger?


The latter is correct. 7 damage to a 1 HP unit is not exactly lethal damage, so Focus Master can’t use its ability.


Note that the focus master has a ruling regarding excess damage here


It seems we haven’t had the question come up of whether Necromancer triggers a skeleton to be made upon it’s own death: Any official ruling here?

Perhaps more interestingly, what if two Necromancers are in play, and something kills both simultaneously (e.g. Tyrannosaurus Rex, Judgment Day)? Would 2, 3 or 4 skeletons be made (I could see an argument for any of those, based strictly on the rules text)

[Casual] Nekoatl [Necromancy]/Growth/Blood vs FrozenStorm [Peace]/Future/Feral

Cards “see themselves die”, but the card text for Necromancer uses “another”, so it shouldn’t trigger on its own death. So if two Necromancers are killed simultaneously, you would get 2 skeletons, as each Necromancer triggers on the other Necromancer’s death (but not on their own).


Good careful reading @mysticjuicer, I didn’t notice it said “another unit”. That would indeed support the conclusion it doesn’t trigger off itself, thus the situation I proposed of 2 dying simultaneously would only grant 2 skeletons!


If you would draw a card while both your deck and discard piles are empty, it doesn’t use up your once-per-Main-Phase reshuffle chance, right?


I would think you could still reshuffle, yes.


What happens if you cast Nature Reclaims on a Jail that has a unit in it? Is the unit trashed as well or does it get discarded as if they Jail had been destroyed?


Since Jail and Graveyard work similarly, I’d assume the answer would be the same.


Nature Reclaims only trashes the target (and itself). Everything else just gets discarded.


If unit A has a +1/+1 rune on it and unit A is copied into unit B by manufactured truth, does the rune on unit A still apply to unit A on top of the printed values that unit A inherits from unit B.

The rules clarifications currently only state that unit B’s runes (if any) don’t get copied by manufactured truth which is fine.


yes it does. if X has a +1/+1 rune and becomes Y due to a spell, the rune is still there.


Does Free Speech remove Fading from Prynn? If so, what happens if Prynn is summoned after the opponent’s Free Speech has been cast?


Prynn arrives with 0 time runes. She continues as though there was nothing wrong. If she later gains a time rune, and then removes a time rune, she will die.


Can I sacrifice a Land Octopus to pay another Land Octopus’s upkeep?


No I do not think so. Based on the card, both land octopus end up triggering and as the active player you get to decide how they resolve. With each trigger you get to either sacrifice a land octopus or two workers. Both triggers have to resolve… I think, even if a land octopus dies.

I could be wrong. @sharpobject?

Add in a banefire golem to really confuse the issue.


I’m inclined to say no for a different reason, which is that it says “Land Octopus” instead of something like “a Land Octopus.” Compare with Rambasa Twin:

Arrives: You may put a Rambasa Twin from your codex into play.
The first time a Rambasa Twin dies each turn, return him to his owner’s codex.

Most cards that use their own name use it only to refer to themselves, whereas Rambasa Twins have to be able to affect each other.