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I think the main point is that you have to declare it at least a turn before you start playing that spec. Declaring it at the same time as building tech 2 makes sense, and none of the rules were really written with the map cards in mind.

Also, semantics like “get to” and “have to” are notoriously unreliable in the rulebook.


That sounds more reasonable, as it’s not uncommon for me to wait until several turns after building my Tech II before deciding which spec to build a Tech Lab for. I dislike being forced to choose early, especially when I don’t see a good reason to justify it.


My model here is that when you have a building that lets you play tech 2 or 3 units, you must say what spec is associated with each of your buildings that has associated spec. So if your p1t1 play is Garth, tech lab, worker, go, you don’t have to say what spec is associated with your tech lab. But if your later p1t4 play involves making a tech 2 building, the fact that you have a building that can produce tech 2 units means you must declare the spec for each of your buildings that has an associated spec.

It was kind of “reaching” to begin with for me to say that you could delay this decision at all under any circumstances. Any change here would probably be to remove the ability to delay this decision, not to add the ability to delay it even more. That said, it’s pretty unlikely that there will be any change here.

As things are, you’ll have to delay this decision by delaying the construction of your tech lab.


Declaring the Tech Lab spec at the time the Lab is built makes more sense to me, and is how I’ve always played. This wouldn’t be an issue, except for the Vortoss Ruins map, where you can’t delay building the Tech Lab because you can’t build it at all.


I see! I guess on that map you are stuck not playing tech 2 and 3 units of 1 of your 3 specs for the rest of the game as soon as you build a tech 2 building.


I’m surprised this hasn’t been asked before (or the search function is failing me), but can Pestering Haunt deal 1 than one damage when attacking if it, say, were to have Frenzy 1 from Drakk midband?


That’s how you ruled it previously, sadly, but it still makes no sense to me.


It can’t have more than 1 attack. So probably not? Why would Frenzy be different from any other bonus to attack?


Frenzy X: Gets +X ATK on your turn.

Pestering Haunt: Can’t have more than 1 ATK.

Looks plenty clear to me?

(Apologies to anyone confused a second ago, I hit reply too soon and had to do a hyper-speed edit… :sweat_smile:)


What happens to a unit that is in jail when the jail is assimilated?


It stays in Jail, the next unit your opponent plays will push it out like normal and it will arrive on your side on the board as normal.


To clarify, I own the jail and my opponent assimilates it while their unit is inside. The next time I play a unit will push their unit out and it will arrive as normal under their control. No changes to who controls the unit.


If someone has a single rambasa twin in play and a graveyard, when the rmabasa dies, does it go to graveyard or back to codex? Imho should be to codex (i always interpreted the case this way). Tyvm


I’m pretty sure when 2 abilities have competing effects, the active player decides which wins, yes?


I would agree with that Nekoatl


Well, active player gets to choose the order, I think.

Normally, Rambasa twin dies, goes to discard, then gets moved from discard to codex.

Normally, with graveyard, unit dies, goes to discard, then goes to graveyard.

If you choose graveyard to act first, then rambasa moves to graveyard, but then the rambasa effect could either lose track of it, or more likely still move it to the graveyard. If you choose the rambasa effect first, then either the graveyard effect loses track after it goes to codex or pulls it from codex into graveyard.

All that to say, I don’t know :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure Sharpo has said in the past that when a card moves zone then the card has no memory of other effects so they fizzle.


This might be what you are referencing.


If opal gloor is max level and deals combat damage to a unit with out -1/-1 runes on it and kills it will this trigger his max level ability?

I am thinking that it will becuase he deals combat damage as -1/-1 runes.


Yes, it’s the placement of those -1/-1 runes that bring the unit’s health low enough to die, so it does have the runes on it when it dies.