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I think that’s her combos fixed. Let us know if you see anything else!


That’s wrong, Rapid Lashes is 7+4+4 (+2 any).


I’m not sure I see your problem? At the time he posted that, all of the max combos for Persephone had Rapid Lashes as the Ender and it was always pumped 3 times. He was saying that was incorrect, and I’ve fixed it now so that combos with Rapid Lashes only get pumped twice.


I misread, it looked like he said he thought rapid lash could be pumped 3 times.


Quince’s 2 is wrong. Under “good combos” it has 2➧3➧Q++=22 but it should say “nothing”.

Ok I kid, but Persphones combo damage is still messed up in the throws section for the same reason as before.


Whoops! Missed her normal throws because of the way they’re formatted. That fix should be live any minute now.

Just to be certain, since you said you’re kidding about Quince’s 2, I assume you don’t want me to actually change it?


It would be funny but it’s not, strictly speaking, an error. He can technically use his 2 for combat.


If there isn’t already, I would put a note strictly warning against using it. It may be the single most important ability to any character in the game.


Winning the game with a cheeky cross-up 2 into AA+, or 23Q++ is strictly correct tho.


Yeah, both for space reasons and because of the rare times when playing it as a combat card could win the game, I think it would be better to not make that note. It’s definitely something that an aspiring Quince player should know, but I think the Quince guide already makes that clear. This is meant to be a way of comparing two characters as part of learning a matchup, not a guide on how to play every character.


T w o R e v e a l B o y s


I finally fixed the character specific backgrounds not changing. I also made a spiffy new border setup for the character selector, which also prevents mirror matchups.


This looks amazing! There is still the issue with the gradients for the move list, and it looks like the color for Vendetta is identical to Midori’s, but this is even better than I expected. For the gradients, one workaround would be to change the gradients to a “top to bottom” style instead of “left to right” or diagonal. It would be better to find the root problem and fix it so any kind of gradient works, but this provides an alternative if needed.

One small tweak I’d suggest is that Midori’s dragon moves probably should be green in combos (right now they’re marked as “dJ,” “dQ,” etc, but it seems like the same code that makes “tX” black for throws could work for that too).

I’ll probably start building the page for Zane next, since he’s the last that doesn’t need anything special beyond an icon for the notes column, which he’ll probably share with Vendetta anyway. After that… Well, at that point I’ll run out of things to do until there’s a way to add EX characters and such. Have you thought much about how selecting those could work?


I haven’t actually put a background theme on Vendetta yet, so it’s probably just inheriting whatever previous color was on that side, or something.

I have one possible fix for the gradient issue, I just haven’t applied or tested it yet. I’m not likely to do that today.

I’ll have to think about the best way to give Midori’s dragon moves custom colors in the combo list. Currently, that’s part of the baseline code, so extending it to handle dX moves would be a bit odd.

Re: the EX characters (and other variants). I’ve thought about how the code for that might look, but haven’t actually put anything in place yet.


Ah, that would make sense for Vendetta. I’d suggest a gradient between a brighter and darker shade of green than Midori’s green, but it’s up to you.

One thing I just observed that might help with the gradient issue is that when I hover my cursor over a solid (non-gradient) colored row in the move lists it makes the background lighter, but when hovering over a row with a gradient it doesn’t do that. I’m assuming that having the row being hovered over become lighter is intentional, so maybe the disappearance of that behavior is a clue?

Don’t worry about the dragon moves; they’re pretty low priority overall compared to most of the other things we’ve been discussing, and it’s clear enough what’s meant right now. Though it is a bit odd that neither of his dragon throws is notated the same as the dragon attacks (Talon Swoop is shown in black and Final Dragon Buster is shown incorrectly in red, but neither of them has a ‘d’ in front; not sure whether this is possible to fix or even worth fixing).

Glad to hear there’s at least a plan for the EX characters. Unrelated to that, I’ve finished up Zane – the only thing I’m not confident about is whether the notes will appear correctly on his normal attacks.


Hrm… Yeah, the whole coloring of throws in the moves list is all a bit wonky. You’d need something like tdAA to get a bold black dAA for Final Dragon Buster. In general, it just converts any combo chunk starting with t into a bold black throw.

The hover effect working on colors but not on gradients is something inherited from the table implementation I’m using. I’ll put that on my mental list of things to clean up at some point. (Actually, it would be super helpful as you happen to notice these things to drop them into the issues page on Github, so that I don’t have to try and remember all of them.)


OK, I’ve added both issues related to gradients. I’ll try to remember to add anything else I see there, too. I think for now I’ll make a couple changes to Midori’s page based on what you’ve told me about how it works.

Edit: @vengefulpickle, I seem to have broken everything again. Maybe it’s because I tried to do too many edits at once? Then again, adding Zane and fixing Midori shouldn’t cause any interference… The pull request I made an hour ago passed all the checks, and I can’t tell from the error reports what’s causing it. I thought making Zane’s page was too easy, but I guess the Anarchist got the last laugh…


Your changes are all fine. Something broke on travis’s end. Check out


Ah, I’m glad it wasn’t my fault. Clearly Zane used a Crash Bomb to mess things up for Travis! :wink:


Seems like this tool is really coming along!

A few quick errors I noticed:

  • Vendetta’s Super Maximum Ven AA is incorrectly listed at 0.2 speed instead of the correct 2.0 speed
  • Vendetta’s max damage off his Kidney Shot 4-throw is incorrectly listed as 4>Q>J+++ but this combo isn’t possible because the Q is an ender. Ven’s max damage combo off his 4-throw is 4>6>J+++ for 34 damage