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Yup, dropdown for mobile was intentional. There’s just not enough screen real-estate for the image select. I was considering using the mini-icons in the dropdown menu, though.

Using separate frame colors is doable without even editing the images, by just rendering the border in html/css, rather than using the pre-rendered red border.


Hm… I’d like to see it with the mini icons, if that’s not too much hassle. It would probably help, but it’s hard to be sure without seeing it.

I’m on mobile right now, so I don’t know if you’ve already done anything with border colors. If you haven’t, the current system works well enough for now that I might wait until you can implement it alongside character specific backgrounds.


I’m done working on this for the day, anyway. I think you’re right that the borders on the image selector and the character backgrounds are going to interact, though, so it makes sense to get the backgrounds in place and then see what we can/want to do about the borders.


Just as well, then. I can probably add Gloria without help, but that’ll be a few hours from now anyway. I’m just enjoying thinking of how to make this as good as possible!


@vengefulpickle, I’m trying to add Gloria, but despite giving me no errors, the site won’t load when I add her to the character select menu. I’m going to take her back off of it for now so that people can use the site, but whenever you’re ready I hope you can figure out what’s going on.


Yeah, not sure why it didn’t catch those errors during the build, but, I fixed them and pushed the update up, so she should be live shortly.


Looking at your comments earlier about the other characters, I’d probably just do all of those as notes. Thus far, I’ve been able to get away with using unicode icons for the various notes, but I’d want to take a look at the cards to get some inspiration for what icons might work best for each of the notes for the last three.

To start with, we could just use single-word reminder type notes. Midori has an example of how to set up a not, if you wanted to try that.


If it’s not too much hassle, I really think BBB should get a dedicated Range column between Rank and Damage. It mirrors how it’s shown on the physical move stats card, it keeps one of the most important parts of BBB’s moves from being stuck at the opposite edge of the screen, and the notes column probably needs to be used for things like whether a move causes the battle to shift to ranged and/or whether a move is faster at range. I’m willing to add Vendetta and Zane with just notes for now though, since they make sense to use that for them.

On a somewhat related note, while I think you should keep the Dragon icon for Midori’s Dragon moves, could they also have their rank shown in green? It seems like a good quality of life improvement.


Yeah, I think those should both be doable.


I was showing this to a friend yesterday, and he noticed that I’d put in the wrong speed for Menelker’s Deathstrike Dragon. Whoops! I’ve fixed that now, but he also was wondering why the section that shows which cards are Attacks, Throws, Blocks and Dodges didn’t have asterisks next to Menelker’s 7 and T. I was comparing with Setsuki at the time, since that’s the matchup we played the most last night, and her 7 and T do have asterisks (and both have them in the Throw comparison list). Checking on my own, the only characters who show the asterisks correctly are Midori, Setsuki and Gwen. Any idea why that is?

Edit: In the interest of minimizing stupid mistakes like the one I made, it would be nice if someone who mains each character could look them over. @mysticjuicer, I’d assume you know most/all of the people in the community due to your videos and the historical chart, so do you have suggestions for people who could help?


It’d take a while to type it all out. I assume you’re talking about stuff like “what’s a good combo” and not just card stats? For card stats, you can always just have the ‘Card Collection’ tab open on Steam and combat one to one.


Yeah, obviously anyone can get the raw stats, but the good combos for some characters are currently just “slightly below max damage” combos. I realized while working on Vendetta that he probably wants to either do max damage or knock down to set up a K loop, but I don’t know enough about the others to do anything sensible.


Good combo is very dependent on gamestate as well. So long as you’re not putting stuff like throw into low normal, you’re fine, honestly.


“Optimal combos” vary in importance depending on the character. For someone like Zane, it’s usually more hand and shenanigan dependant, where someone like Menelker it’s really important to know what your max damage is off every option at all times.


The asterisks in the move list in the summary are all manually entered. I probably just forgot that I was doing it. Easy enough to make it automatic like it is the in full details list.


Ah, I see you’ve not only made the asterisks automatic but also added character specific backgrounds! It looks great, but I have a bug report and an… oddness report?.. related to that.

Bug: The character specific background color doesn’t change for the character summary when you switch from one character to another. In the screenshot below, I picked Grave for player 1 and Midori for player 2, then switched them to Setsuki and Menelker, respectively.

Oddness: As you can see in the screenshot above, the gradients for characters like Menelker are repeated for every cell of the table of attacks and throws. Is it possible to make the gradient apply to the entire row instead? It looks odd as it is, but I can accept it if there’s no way to make it look better.

Anyway, I’ve got the page for Vendetta typed out, so I can add that whenever you’re ready. Not sure what background color to use, so I’ll let you decide that.


Yeah, fire away w/ Vendetta whenever.

I’ve been trying to track down the bug that makes it so that the backgrounds don’t switch when you change characters. It’s got something to do w/ the interaction of ReactBootstrap (which is what I’m using for most of the layout) and styled-components (which is what I’m using for styling), but I haven’t been able to squash it yet.

Good idea on making the gradient run across rows. I think it would require a bit of CSS trickery, but is probably doable.

EDIT: Strange. I misunderstood your issue w/ Menelker, because I’m actually not seeing the same results you are. Likely a browser-specific issue:


Quick look at Persephone:
Do As Told is on her nine not her seven.
Power lash does 10 damage
Combo damage is wrong because it thinks J can be pumped 3 times


@Shax: Good call! Fixed both of those. Edit: Didn’t see the third bit, I’ll get that in a second.

@vengefulpickle: Added a pull request for Vendetta. The gradient issue is strange, though… I’m seeing it on both my Surface Pro and my Moto G, both using their versions of Chrome for a browser. Confirmed it applies to both Menelker and Valerie, and possibly others.


Ah, yup, I see it on my phone. That at least gives me a place I can test that any fixes I make actually work, so that’s good to know.