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Looks like Travis is back up, if you want to try re-adding Zane.


Huh… There seems to be an error on either the reference card for Vendetta or his actual Queen, because the latter shows it as a Linker.

Vendetta Queen

I’d rather trust the card that you play rather than the reference card unless there’s some errata I don’t know about.

Edit: @Chase, I’ve fixed the speed on Maximum Ven. You may need to refresh the page before the change will show up. I stand by Frost Web remaining a Linker for the reason shown above.

@vengefulpickle, Zane is now live! Only BBB stands between us and a complete cast!


The reference card is wrong. There were a large number of errors with the reference cards, most of which I found but it seems they weren’t fixed.


My physical deck has the Q as a linker and the reference card says ender. Never noticed that before.


That’s a shame. Now I’ll be paranoid about the accuracy of the reference cards when I play with my friends… Still, all the more reason to make this resource as accurate as possible, right? :wink:

Do you know if the errors you found we’re fixed for the online version’s reference cards? Maybe I could use Steam as my reference instead.


Some of them were, but I didn’t confirm if all of them were. I’ll check soon.


I just landed BBB, so we now have the full cast!


Nice! Now we just need an icon of some kind for Zane and Vendetta’s moves that are 1.0 speed when their opponent is knocked down and a background color for each of them, and then there’s nothing left but bug fixes and bonus features. Should I add both of those to the Issues page?


Oh, yeah. I added the background colors, but forgot about the icons. I set up icons for BBB (who has a similar situation), so we should just be able to copy those.

EDIT: I’ll wire those notes in real-quick.


Ah, it somehow added BBB on my end without refreshing Zane and Vendetta. Now that I’ve reloaded it shows their colors.


Aaaand, the meaty attacks are done. (Although travis still needs to build them).


@vengefulpickle, while I reported this on the Issues page, this seems urgent enough to mention here too: The link from Yomibase to edit BBB is broken. It might have to do with the filename being different from what the template used to make the link expects?


Ok, fixed!


I noticed that you’ve fixed it so the combo info is always available. Looks like the gradients are all top-down now to sidestep the issue on mobile. It looks great now, but had you considered asking people on websites like Stack Overflow or Reddit about what was causing the issue?

Also, I’d really like to contribute more to this project, and while I don’t want to rush you, there’s not much I can do without some kind of template for the EX characters and/or alternate versions of characters (like 1st edition or G. Panda). I can wait if you need me to, though.


I did a bunch of googling around, and as far as I was able to figure out, it’s a known bug on older versions of chrome (including the mobile versions). It was hard to pin down, though.

I think my next bout of energy is likely to go into getting IYL5 signups off the ground, and then I’ll swing back around to variant characters.


Ah, sounds like there’s not much to be done there, then. At least there’s a workaround!

I guess that’s fair, since running a tournament is pretty time-intensive. I was hoping that we could get G. Panda in particular up, since one of my friends mentioned that he might get Lum at some point and I thought it would be nice if he could see what the special two-pack would get him. Still, if it would take enough effort to get in the way of IYL5, I’ll just have to be patient! :wink:


Ok, I banged out a first attempt at character variants. Check out Grave for the syntax.

Still missing:

  • an easy way to update combos for variants (without writing out the whole move list)
  • only display the variant list if there are actually variants to show
  • don’t reset the variant on the other character when switching characters

Still, this should get you to the point where you can start putting data in.


Nice! I’ve added EX Jaina and EX Midori, and since the online version uses “EX Name” when referring to them, I’ve changed Grave’s EX version to follow the same convention.

Yeah, that seems like it would be hard… Still, I have confidence that you can find a solution!

It’s a race! Can I finish putting in all the EX characters fast enough to make adding this feature unnecessary? :wink:

This is a bit inconvenient, but hardly the end of the world. Fairly low priority, I should think, considering that people will primarily use this for the normal characters anyway.

One thing I noticed is that the list of which cards are attacks, throws, blocks and dodges needs to include the Destiny cards for EX characters. As it is right now, the only way to tell that Midori has gained a new rank of card is to look at the ability list.


Mmm, good point. You should be able to use the same .concat type code I used for innateAbilities.


That worked like a charm! I’ve added it for EX Grave, Jaina and Midori, and I’ve also just added EX Setsuki. Now that the Round 1 characters have their EX info in place, I’ll probably see if I can add G. Panda sometime tomorrow.