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Codex Tracking Spreadsheet


The cell formatting is not moved around to follow the text in each cell. A specific cell could have turned red text due to a stray keyboard press or perhaps that cell is formatted red in the current sheet.


I’ve updated my output formatter with some new features and some minor bug-fixes and improvements. The forums won’t let me update my previous post, so here’s the new link.

The following special terms can be used in the “Board” or “Actions” columns to create new post sections similar to “In Play:”: Upkeep, Main, Future, In Graveyard, Jailed, On Loan, and Trashed.

Building HP set to 99 will be converted to ∞


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@Leontes can you help?

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the spreadsheet does not work for me. I have to use the buttons for mobile, otherwise it says there is an error and the script does not work.


The buttons trigger a security message, and certain google account settings can cause it to be automatically rejected, causing it to not work. When I use a new copy of the spreadsheet for the first time, I have to authorize the scripts to run after pressing a button for the first time.


i get the prompt, i do authorize the scripts, and get the error message.


In that case, I do not have a good answer, I am not able to replicate the problem you describe using a fresh copy of the sheet.


I got the problem. Ffox now disables pop ups, so it blocks the prompt for codex pbp helper. One has either to allow google docs to open pop ups or use chrome