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Codex Tracking Spreadsheet


nice work, though note I already changed the big B and big I to little b and little i for any new sheets.


I made the replace for those case insensitive, so there shouldn’t be any compatibility problems from that. Thanks for the heads-up, though.


is there any program that when you write the name of the card here in the forums, it automatically writes it’s attack and hp. lol. and better yet, replaces it with the card picture. lol

#164 supports Codex and is probably your best bet.


Thanks for all your work @zhavier. I have enjoyed your spreadsheet for a long while.

If it was up to me though I wouldn’t have the tech choices connected to the draw button at all. Often I write my tech choices after I finish my turn, then if I have a technician die - I have to delete my tech choices, draw a card, then re enter them. I would have a button that says ‘confirm tech’ which you have to do at the start of each turn. perhaps other people disagree though.


I took some shortcuts in coding that would make it a pain to undo at this point. Essentially, the draw 1 button is the core function and the discard/draw button piggybacks on it and so the tech choices are saved in there. I say pain, but I am also lazy, so, yea…

You are playing it more to the spirit of the rules, but in practice, forum games let you plot out most of your turn and then type in the tech choices, assuming you no draws during your turn.

Laslty given the real estate issue, I kinda ended up hiding the save tech choices button, so many users would not know it was there and or would forget to use it. So if I made it a required thing, people might make errors due to forgetfulness, especially if they are used to the way it works now.


For sure. I sometimes do that too - it’s hard to avoid. But I also try to plan ahead but writing all my tech choices at one places and its often makes sense to plan ahead and note what you want your next tech choices to be. In any case, I don’t expect you to do any more work on the spreadsheet and it’s not a critical issue at all.

Also, it’s not just against the spirit of the rules, it’s against the letter of the rules. If you were playing in person you couldn’t do that.


In person it would be like spending a lot of time at the start of your turn playing out your moves in your head, then finalizing your tech choices, then taking your turn. Assuming no draw mechanics happen during your turn.


@zhavier I’ve added a dropdown list option for selecting tech (helps me to actually type names correctly for autocard to work on the forums). It works based on which specs they selected, do you want to add this to the base spreadsheet and if so whats your preferred method of me giving you the changes?


Pm me a link to the spreadsheet you changed and I’ll see about incorporating the change


Added the dropdown. Thanks :smiley:


So, question. I teched a card and it turned red during the draw/discard phase. Is that meaningful? (It’s definitely not an accidental third copy)


In the tech box? It should only give an error (says invalid input on hoverover) if the card you put in are not within your selected specs. It doesn’t matter at all in the slightest really though. You can write whatever you want the boxes, the scripts that move the “cards” around don’t look at the text inside, I just added it so that I could actually spell the cards right for the forums (and so people’s autocard everywhere actually picked the right cards…)


Nah, in the discard pile


I know of nothing that cares anything about the discard pile, PM me a screenshot? @zhavier do you?


Ack, can’t roll it back. It turned black during another discard/draw.


One quick theory, do both of your tech boxes still have dropdown buttons on them/do any of your discard cells have dropdown buttons on them?


Discard cells? No arrows there (tech boxes normal too); just to be clear, here’s what happened:

  1. Tech Surprise Attack
  2. Discard/draw
  3. Surprise Attack goes into my discard and is now red
  4. On a later discard/draw (didn’t notice which) it turns black


you’re on an older version of the sheet then if the tech boxes don’t have drop downs (not a problem just eliminates the only thing I could think off), I have no idea what’s happened, but given its fine now I hope it stays that way :slight_smile: .


No no, I have the new sheet. By normal I mean they have dropdowns like I expect them to.