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[Casual] Multiplayer Codex Game TABLE TALK


It could have been bigger… :sweat_smile:

But yeah, the real reason is because doing that let me get free levels with what I had available. I only noticed the connection to my Mercenaries after I’d made the decision. I’m not really upset; if I’d really wanted them to survive I could have patrolled differently.


Mercs rarely last long in FFA, everyone one wants that easy gold :stuck_out_tongue: hence why I didn’t even try to protect mine with the mox, would have just meant people went through the mox first and left me open (and I didn’t want to encourage wither at any rate).

btw, @zhavier, you don’t mind if I “borrow” you battlesuits at some point in the future? I just really like how fetching it makes your troops look, and I wondered if mine looked as awesome in them.


Oh certainly, I really enjoy the concentric red rings it adds to your wardrobe.


@zhavier @bob199 @Shadow_Night_Black @Dreamfire

Earlier today, my laptop fell and broke. It may still be usable, but I’m reluctant to check until I can replace it since I don’t want to risk losing anything I could transfer off of it before then. This means that any turns I take from now until then would have to be through the mobile app… But quite frankly, I don’t know how anyone who uses it puts up with it, since every time I’ve tried it has been a miserable experience.

Anyone reading this who isn’t already playing: If you would like to take my place, I’ll gladly give you my sheet for this game. I can’t imagine I’ll have any fun at this point, so I’d rather let someone else get a chance to join in the mayhem.

I’ll try to to keep taking turns until someone replaces me, but forgive me if it takes a while…

[Casual] Random FFA Codex!

Use a deck of playing cards instead of the Google sheet to maintain boardstate


ahh, I’m sorry to hear about your laptop! Hope it gets fixed soon :slight_smile:


I guess that’s an option, but then I’d need to tie up a table until the game is over and I’d still be creating posts through my phone, so it would still be a pain. Not quite as much of a pain, but my offer to let someone else take my place stands.

Thanks! Now that I’ve had a night’s sleep I’m feeling a bit better about it. I don’t think it’s possible to simply repair, sadly, but talking with my parents we’ve agreed that it’s probably best to replace it with a good desktop computer and a cheap chromebook. It’s not like I need much more than a web browser when I’m out and about anyway, and this would prevent any risk of losing another expensive computer the same way.


I have the same setup, desktop + chromebook is nice :slight_smile:


I’m sorry to hear that Hobusu. Of course if anyone wants to step up and take over for you, I think we are all ok with that.

On a rules note, I don’t think Brave Knight gives a bounty if he returns to hand, because he doesnt actually die. I just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page.


Now that I’ve posted my turn, I’m going to start researching replacement computers.

Edit: I’ve placed the order. The chromebook should be here by Saturday!


@bob199 How did you get two of the same starter unit? :wink:


Seems like one of them should be a Musketeer?


It’s fixed now, TCN is musketeer


See, now shadows over there with two battle suits and no on is trying to slow him down.


Everyone is aware just how out of nowhere tech 2 present can win a FFA right? If you need evidence, see the last FFA game I played Present in: FFA - Shadow / Bob199 / Penatronic / ARMed_Pirate / Zhavier

I’m just trying to actually get use of assimilate given that I failed last time :stuck_out_tongue:

My current thoughts on the board position: Tech 2 Present/Blood is really scary as they can easy play large amounts of hasty units from no where and hit someone’s base to 0 ( and both have good ways of pinging everyone else’s base to lower then their own). So, Zhavier you can lend me your suits and I started to know Bobs large board down a notch (do I need to mention I have the least base health? killing ym units is just helping them)


Shadow is just distracting you all. I admit Bob looks scary, and hoping to avoid notice by being quiet, but shadow is clearly adept at manipulating the other players, as shown with that linked game.

And now he has two battle suits and an incoming peace engine and plenty of soldiers.


None of which has haste, so everyone will gang up on me the moment it comes online and send me back to the stone age. Unlike Hyperions/Tricyleoids/ the Tech 3 anarchy for gunships you likely to build next turn. Or Crashbarrows/Blugsplatters form Bob


Something something "I heard you like battlesuits, so we put battlesuits in " something something

I don’t attack unless provoked lol


I would like to suggest that if your action damages a player’s base, that the new base health total should be noted in the action.


@Dreamfire note you don’t get the gold for killing those knights as they don’t actually die, instead they run away to my hand (Yes I filled my board with units that don’t give bounties, I am a evil person).