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[Casual] Multiplayer Codex Game TABLE TALK


Good (and also evil) point. No tower for me, then…


Direct damage and destroy effects would kill the knights and get bounties. But Bob has taken a neutral approach.


I love how everyone seems to be working together to make sure I have absolutely no board just before the two hasty players have their turns…
If your gonna wipe my patrol zone out, in the interest of not immediately losing to Bob199/Zhavier I would recommend lending me some patrollers (don’t worry you get them back).


Why do you fear Mad Max and Rambaster so much?


I fear the Crashbarrows far more. 2x Crashbarrow with Jaina + Bombadier is 17 damage, enough to kill me.

You have 11 gold next turn. 6 for 2x Crashbarrows, 3 to heal 1, That just leaves 1 Damage to Hobusu’s base needed, so any one of Lobbers, Firedart, Pillage, Shoddy Glider, needed to win. Given that Jania can also tap to deal 1, Rambaster would also work

People see why I get worried about blood now? He only needs to kill the weakest off us, and then small pings to the rest of our bases. Which Blood/Fire is VERY effective at.


Don’t forget my Brick Thief stole a brick from Bob’s base, so he should be at 19 HP while I’m at 20. Your point is still valid, but he needs to do at least 2 damage to me.


I took that into account, hence the 3 gold to heal for 1 and only 1 damage needed for your base, Otherwise he would need to deal an extra 1 to everyone’s to be in the lead, and its cheaper just to heal at that point.


Just because he only has 4 attackers doesnt mean he won’t be able to put up so many things that he is guaranteed to activate molac eventually.


@Hobusu How many cards do you want to draw next turn?
Everyone else, best way of stopping him drawing that many cards?


As I said, hobusu and shadow we’re the biggest threats.

Also, I am suspicious of the fact he sidelined mad man instead of killing it for the bounty



That’s just because I wanted to not injure River and I didn’t need the gold. Not sure what sinister plans you think I’m up to leaving a 1/1 alive?


Keeping Max alive was out of pity, so I don’t lose with an empty board


@zhavier Is there something I’m missing about your Immortal? It should be a 5/5 rather than 6/6 as far as I can tell.


just my mistype.


@Shadow_Night_Black, keep comments over here, though I understand you were responding to me doing it badly.

And you still have 3 attackers left.


Everyone’s board is scary (well except for mine, because everyone seems to have an anti-Peace Pact), but Porcupines can’t be temporal distortion into hasty beaters for only 2 gold. And as much as I would love to keep the Peace around here and beat people’s boards into the ground, I can’t as my board is wiped every turn.

@zhavier, sorry for the wrong page, clicked on the wrong tab when I hit reply

Well, Bob hasn’t had his turn left and I only have 2 (mox being hard to kill and 1 Very Overeager Cadet who’s been lucky so far)


Please take special note of how captured Bugblatter reads. When you kill anything or sacrifice anything, your base takes damage. Hotter fire makes that 2 damage.


Well, I dealt with the bugblatter for you all, at the expense of my base, but that means someone else needs to deal with Setsuki (note I helped you here as well by killing that porcupine, I would have done more, but noone likes letting me keep any attackers around). note I only have 15hp, so wiping my patrollers and not giving me any of your own is very certainly going to result in someone winning (and I’m not gonna win anytime soon cause I can’t spend enough gold to heal enough)


Your turn ends with negative money… Might want to check that out.


Fixed, had a 1 floating around from when mox killed something before the drill sargents hit (which showed up on my sheet so all my totals looked right, but not on the forums), but the base damage isn’t worth it, replaced the Braveknight with a neoplexus instead.