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[Casual] Multiplayer Codex Game TABLE TALK


Continuing the table talk thread

@dreamfire [Feral]/Anarchy/Law
@bob199 [Fire/Blood]/Balance
@shadow_night_black [Future/Present]/Finesse
@nekoatl [Disease/Ninjutsu]/Balance
@zhavier [Future]/Strength/Growth

So, 2 Purples, a red, a green, and a black. beware the black and his mass destruction!

Also amusingly, 4 out of 5 have anti-upgrade spells


Looks like I’ll be changing gameplans this round =b


Disease: that which everyone wants someone else to kill.


Apparently people want to destroy their own upgrades if I borrow them, how selfish…


Nah, I think i’ll borrow them.


I should throw out some nice upgrades to encourage the two of you to spend gold stealing them from each other. (looks through codex) … crap.


Graveyard would be nice.


That would be wild, you guys could be trading units back and forth.


I think bob’s turn got skipped?


ummm, opps, but no, I just posted our game’s turn in the wrong thread by accident, I’ve moved it over.


I’m actually hoping nekoatl casts sac the weak here. :slight_smile:


hmm, not much benifict to them, personally I think a max orpal fueling a wave of mass bunny death is far more likely and funny.


Already posted my turn, but I don’t understand how Shadow’s plan is supposed to work, unless people voluntarily feed Orpal units…


One of your mercs will also die


well you could have set the wave running by sacing one of your own mercs to his mid band, which results in some units have -1/-1 runes on them, and when they die on someone else’s turn they spread thanks again to orpal max band…


Sure, that could have annoyed one person, but Orpal’s midband only infects 1 unit, and his maxband is limited to units with the same controller. Of course, someone could always donate their infected unit to patrol for a “friend”…


Well, I wouldn’t want an infected unit patrolling for me, patrolling units have a very short life span with the bounty they have, even more so when it dieing can lead to even more bounties…


Now I just know somebody’s going to lend me a unit that I infected myself, just to ruin my day. :joy:


@nekoatl My lookout Merc was killed by shadow, so you will have to pick something else.


@Bob199 Just wanted to mention that your Jaina was all out in the open, but I stopped my Tree from eating her so that she could shoot down some aliens from out of time.