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[Yomi Tournament] IYL 5 - Starting June 4! - Signups close Friday 6/2

It’s time for another IYL! This time, it’s IYL5, hosted by @vengefulpickle and @Zqxx!


  • Signups will run until the last week of May (Deadline, June 2). After that, we’ll assign people to round-robin groups.
  • Games will start on June 4.

First off, let’s spread the word! I’ll be tweeting from @IntlYomiLeague on Twitter, and will do my best to put any matches that I know are coming up onto the IYL5 calendar (those matches will also be tweeted by @IntlYomiLeague).

We’re going to try and build on what’s made IYL great in the past (including some of @Leontes wonderful wording in the IYL4 announcement :wink:). So, to start, let’s settle on a night to come together every week for some fun, some hype, some Yomi! (My expectation/understanding is that most folks are in the US, so answer based on approximately evening time here in the US.)

What day is best for you to play?

  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

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IYL5 is a league for everybody; we want as many players to enjoy the thrill of competitive Yomi in a safe environment without fear of repercussions or not being able to fulfill the moderate time commitment it requires.

We do, however, reserve the right as Tournament Organizers to step in and resolve conflicts in any way we see fit after consulting advice from the rest of the team. We aim to stop collusion and toxicity whenever possible, and there is really no good ruleset to mitigate those things. If anything, creating a specified ruleset only invites degenerate behavior as a toxic player now has guidelines for how not to get banned but still push the envelope as far as possible. It’s not an easy thing and it’s not set in stone; but we promise to be as public and fair about our decisions and rulings as possible. Hype Yomi is what we’re after; not power-tripping on the internet.

IYL5 is for all skill-levels of players, ESPECIALLY those who are new to the game. Don’t be intimidated by the length of the event or of the caliber of player you see signing up! The weekly format gives you plenty of time to ask us local pros at the country club for matchup specific tactics and giving you a punching bag to train against. The point of IYL is to create a casual-competitive environment for improvement.

Reply to this thread with an indication that you’re in! When we hit the signup deadline we will work quickly to get our finalized player list into their respective divisions. To do this, we will ask everyone who signed up what their preferred playtimes are and try to slot them that way. As a result, you might end up in a division that isn’t geographically uniform, but rather the times that players have chosen to play. Since we have a lot of United States players, we may ask some to take a less-preferred timeslot in order to even out the divisions. If you are willing to volunteer for an awkward play time, firstly MAKE SURE YOU ARE OKAY WITH IT and let us know.

Things may change in the rule set as time goes on: I will do my best to keep a changelog at the bottom of the post and let you know of any adjustments that have been made.

Signup List
  1. vengefulpickle (0100-0500 UTC)
  2. FaceOnMars (2300-0300 UTC)
  3. MysticDeadman (1600-2000 UTC)
  4. CKR (EDT)
  5. Chase (MST/Flex)
  6. Ivan (1500-2100 UTC)
  7. Neigutten (1600 - 2200 UTC)
  8. Shax (1800-2200 UTC ???)
  9. MR75/MR (1900 - 2300 UTC)
  10. Zajety (CET)
  11. Pengwndude (EST)
  12. Attilian
  13. BD_Corro (GMT/BST)
  14. MysticJuicer (EDT)
  15. Copper8642 (0000 - 0400 UTC)
  16. shamusj (GMT)
  17. Leontes (PST)
  18. flagrantangles (CDT)
  19. scymrian (EDT)
  20. Castanietzsche
  21. HarryBModest (UTC+8)
  22. Zqxx
  23. snoc (1800-2200 UTC)
  24. thehug0naut (1800-2200 UTC)
  25. Twenty-Seven (10pm - 5am EDT, 0200 - 0900 UTC)
  26. ClanNatioy
  27. SouthpawHare
  28. variable (2100-0300 UTC)
  29. Ultralaw (0000-0700 UTC)
  30. ThreeHeadedMonkey (0900 - 1300 UTC)
  31. Corroyeur (1800-2100 UTC)
  32. Caralad (GMT)
  33. Hydro (CDT)
  34. MadKing (EST)
  35. tcby (PST)
  36. Fusxfaranto (PDT, evenings)
  37. sharpobject (PDT)
  38. mydrothers (EDT)
  39. CloudCuckooCountry (0700 - 1400 UTC)
  40. qubitsu (0500 - 0700 UTC)
  41. Hobusu (EST)
  42. Fluffiness (EST evenings)
  43. Jadiel (2100-0000)

Thanks for being such an awesome community! I’ve only been part of it for a short time, and you all have been awesome!

League Rules*:

  • Players will be split into roughly equal divisions in two conferences, based mostly on time zones
  • The season will then be a round robin in each division
  • After the round robin finishes, play in matches for playoffs will begin the week after
  • Once the play in matches are complete, playoffs will begin
  • The two winners of the playoff conferences will fight in the Yomi Bowl!

Players will qualify for playoffs as follows:

  • Playoffs will be seeded based upon season win percentage and tiebreakers
  • Tiebreakers will be in the following order: head to head, individual game win percentage
  • A one game playoff will break the tie, if necessary

The exact qualification rules will depend on the number of signups, but they will roughly be:

  • The first player in each division will automatically qualify, and have a first round bye
  • The second player will also qualify, but will not have a bye
  • Each division will also have one more player qualify for playoffs, as decided by play in matches
  • To determine this, fourth and fifth place will play, then the winner of that match will play third place
  • Whoever wins out of these three players qualifies for playoffs
  • One more wild-card will be selected at random from the remaining players in a division (weighted by number of wins), for a total of four from each division

*- These rules were based on what were used for last season and seemed to work for ~90 signups. The actual divisional breakdown and playoff picture will depend ENTIRELY on the amount of signups/player retention in order to provide the best league experience.

Match Rules:

  • Mid timer
  • Spectators can see hands is recommended off, can be on if both players agree
  • Rules enforced
  • Double Blind Character selection for the first game
  • Standard Counterpick rules (Loser of last game may pick a different character, winner is locked to the same character)
  • No random character select*
  • Players are allowed one five minute break and three pause of thirty seconds or less, unless both players agree to allow it. Violations will result in a forfeit
  • A double K.O. results in a replay, with no win or loss to either player
  • In the event of a server crash, that individual match or round will not count and must be replayed

* We can’t prevent you from randomly selecting a character via other means. However, “random select” does not allow you to change characters to another random character after a match win, where you would normally be locked into the character you just played. This is the real reason for this rule.

Season play:

  • Round robin in each division
  • Matches are to be played weekly
  • Best of five


  • Playoff matches will be played weekly
  • Playoffs are single elimination
  • Playoff matches will be best of 7

Other rules:

  • Results of your matches will be reported in your respective group thread
  • Match results must be posted in the thread by Sun @ 11:59 pm GMT of the following week (you have two weeks to play each match)
  • On the last week of the season, as well as the playoffs, the match results must be posted by Sun @ 11:59 pm GMT of the same week the match was scheduled
  • Players that no-show twice in same week automatically forfeit
  • Habitual no-shows will result in forfeits. This will be determined by a TO
  • Ties are calculated as half a win and half a loss and will have a 0-0 individual match record
  • Players that forfeit more than one match or tie more than two matches during the season will forfeit the remainder of the season

Scheduling Tip 1: is an excellent resource for scheduling matches across timezones.

Scheduling Tip 2: If you are posting to the scheduling conversation first, provide a list of dates and times when you are available to play. If you are posting to the scheduling conversation second, pick a specific start time and date for your match from those provided by your opponent. If none work for you, propose specific alternatives.

(Hat tip to @mysticjuicer for the scheduling tips)

Rules Changes
  • Removed wild-card entrants to the final tournament

Hopefully first in line doesn’t mean first to go. In
I’m in EDT
I can volunteer for European time zone.


I’m ready to dig some holes for Fantasy Strike souls.

I’m in the world’s best timezone: CDT.


I will play. Best time to play is 7pm-11pm EDT.


I’d like to play.

Time zone is MST but I’ll volunteer for some of the bad time-spots for US if you need any.


EU time zone (GMT). In the Saturdays probably can cover all time zones - early morning or late night, doesn’t matter for me, as long as is Saturday :slight_smile:


I’ll join :smiley: :persephone:


Let’s break it down! (PDT)


I’m in! (MR)
EU Time Zone (CET).


I’m in! Also central European. (currently GMT+2)
I’ll be on vacation for the first week of June. Hope that’s okay.


I don’t currently own the game but if I know like a week before the tourney starts I can buy it in time.


Sign me up!


I wouldn’t miss IYL for the world I’m on GMT/BST
Best time to play would be on Saturdays


You should probably keep a running list of sign ups in the first post. It helps a lot.

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I’m in. Eastern Time (US).


Yup, I plan to. Just haven’t had a time to hop on something that isn’t my phone.

EDIT: Updated!


Put me in friendo, United States, Pacific Time


I’d like to join please. I’m GMT / UTC (London) time.

My preferred time slot is Sat / Sun 4pm to 8pm.
Or weekday 8pm to 10pm.

Is there a guide for newbies (on how the tourney is conducted, not how to play) by any chance? I’m assuming games are played via the iOS app?


Yomi has crossplay between all platforms (iOS/Steam). There are a number of guides in the Yomi subforum: you can find links to them in one of the stickied topics there.


Re: the tourney: Yeah, we’ll play via Steam/iOS, with the specifications in the initial post (under Match Rules).

If you’ve got other questions about how it’ll run that aren’t answered in the rules in the first post, let me know and I’ll try and clarify.

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