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Yomi AutoTO

As some of you have probably seen, I’ve been working on some tools to make it easier to run tournaments over the forums.

Current Features

  • Send match invite threads for double-elim tournaments on Challonge
  • Host the Ranked tournament
  • *new* Add matches to the Yomi Tournament Calendar.
    • In your match thread, you can type AutoTO: Schedule @ <your date here>, and then my scripts will pick it up the next time I run them. If you post more than once, it’ll pick up the most recently updated date.

Future Features

  • Send match invite threads for round-robin tournaments on Challonge

If you’re interested in seeing what’s under the hood, check out If you want to use it for your own tournaments, let me know, and I’ll try and get some documentation written up for it.


What format(s) should the date be in for Auto-TO to understand it? I assume it can also recognize times with the right formatting? I’d suggest having instructions for how to do that be part of the automated scheduling PMs so that people don’t have to return to this topic to see how it works, if that’s not too much hassle to add it.

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Mmm, good call about adding it to the template.

The date format should be fairly flexible, but M/D/YYYY HH:MM am EST is a format I’ve tested.

If you end up using a format that the scripts can’t parse, I should notice, and be able to adjust it manually.


This is crazy sick.


If you keep at your mad coding skills, we will have to quit playing the game. We will be replaced by more advanced robots.


For more clarification on the date formatting: AutoTO should be able to understand international date formats, but if it’s ambiguous (3/4/19) it’ll default to the American convention. It should also understand YYYY-MM-DD, if you want to make sure to avoid ambiguity. It understands EST/EDT as being the same thing (which is, whatever the daylight savings time status is on the date in question). It doesn’t understand GMT+2 yet (it misunderstands it as GMT-2). However, you can specify any timezone offset by using +0200 or -0400 (or the like).