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Collected Yomi Resources

This is a collection of helpful posts related to Yomi, including character guides, match-up charts, tournament leaderboards, and assorted learning material.

This post is a wiki, which means anyone can edit it and add links to new resources!

Player Resources

Rules and Rulings

Yomi 2nd Edition Rulebook
Gameplay FAQ

Strategy Guides

:pspig: Getting Good at Yomi: A collection of videos covering Yomi basics
:exhaust: Game Theory Fundamentals of Yomi
:chibighost: Ghost Buster - A Guide to 2v2

Character Guides

:challenge: Character Overviews by ClanNatioy

:grave: Grave Character Guide

:jaina: Jaina Intermediate Strategy Guide
:jaina: Playing with Fire
:jaina: Juushichi Rambles About Jaina vs the Yomi Cast

:midori: Mastering the Mentor

:setsuki: On Speed: A New Player’s Guide to Setsuki

:rook: Rook 101

:degrey: Major_shiznick’s Guide to DeGrey

:valerie: Valerie Character Guide
:valerie: Painting by Numbers

:geiger: Gallantly Galvanizing Geiger
:geiger: A New Player’s Guide to Becoming Mediocre with Geiger
:geiger: Time Enough for Love: Thoughts on Geiger

:lum: ntillerman’s guide to Lum

:argagarg: An Aggravating Amphibious Assailant

:quince: Quintessential Quince
:quince: Learn the ConseQuinces: An Anti-Quince Guide
:quince: Quince player rambles about Quince matchups

:onimaru: Wartime Tactics
:onimaru: Onimaru 101

:troq: Troq Character Guide

:bbb: Bal-Bas-Beta Character Guide
:bbb: Your Opponent: Bal-Bas-Beta

:menelker: Menelker, Deathstrike Dragon

:persephone: Persephone Character Guide
:persephone: Dominant Strategies

:gloria: Lessons from Quickmatch
:gloria: No Guts No Gloria
:gloria: Gloria 201: Variations and Practices

:gwen: Hoover J. Horsingston’s Personal Guide to Gwen

:vendetta: The Surgeon Is In

:zane: Clinically InZane
:zane: The Anarchist’s Handbook

Match-Up Charts

The Historical Chart: A match-up chart for all 20 characters based on tournament performance since 2014.
The Yomi Composite Chart: created by scymrian to aggregate and average the individual charts below.
The Princess Power Chart: created by rodohk, ratxt1, deluks917, and mastrblastr
The Mad King Chart: created by Mad King
The Three Amigos Chart: created by IamNobody, cpat, and Bob199
Staryu’s Chart: created by staryu
The DRB Chart: created by Juushichi, Raziek, and Ryker
The Character Specialist Chart: created by ClanNatioy, enomus, Fivec, Fluffiness, FraaOrolo, hartley, Leontes, mi-go hunter, and Southpaw Hare
The cpat Solo Chart: created by cpat, solo
Yomi-Skill: by @vengefulpickle, data analysis based on matches recorded by @mysticjuicer.

Other Resources

:techlab: Yomibase
:surplus: Online Hand Tracker
:pscrash: Yomi Tournament Calendar and Twitter (@IntlYomiLeague)
:heroeshall: Yomi Historical ELO Calculator

Tournament Organizer Resources

Historical Data

The Historical Chart: A match-up chart for all 20 characters based on tournament performance since 2014.

Yomi Historical ELO Calculator

Other Resources


Yomi Tournament Calendar and Twitter (@IntlYomiLeague)

Tournament Format List

Yomi Videos

YouTube Channels

mysticjuicer: 1st and 3rd person match commentary, match-up and character guides
snoc: 1st person match commentary, casuals with members of the community + Skype discussion
Sirlin Games: 1st and 3rd person match commentary
Bomber678: 1st and 3rd person match commentary
Mad king: 3rd person match commentary
neigutten: 1st person match commentary
Raziek: 1st and 3rd person match commentary
Southpaw Hare: 1st and 3rd person match commentary
migohunter: 3rd person match commentary

Twitch Channels

Sirlin Games: 1st and 3rd person match commentary
Bomber678: 1st and 3rd person match commentary
IamNobody: 3rd person match commentary
MadKing: 3rd person match commentary
neigutten: 1st and 3rd person match commentary

The previous version of this topic can be found here.

Explanation of why this exists (or "don't we already have one of these?")

Some of you may be wondering why I made this topic when @mysticjuicer had already made one well over a year ago. Well, after seeing the state the Yomi Resources topic was in because of the changes to the Discourse forum software, I thought it would be good to make a new topic so that new players don’t have to look at broken formatting (or at least so they don’t have to see it on the first thing they look at—there are some posts linked here that are old enough to have the same broken formatting problems). This also provided an opportunity to turn it into a wiki post, which mysticjuicer had wanted to do with the previous version.

I also made sure to get @Leontes’ permission and mysticjuicer’s blessing before posting this to avoid stepping on anyone’s toes.

Changes from previous version
  • Fixed all formatting that had been broken by the Discourse changes
  • Consolidated the items that were already there into fewer categories, mainly because at least one category had only one item in it
  • Changed any links that went to to instead go to their equivalent, since that’s what most (all?) users use at this point and switching between them makes it seem like you’ve been suddenly logged out
  • Made a slight change to all forum links so they’re guaranteed to send you to the first post, even if you’ve already read them (by default they’ll take you to the last post you’ve read)
  • Adjusted forum links so that any guides that were written by someone other than mysticjuicer get attributed to their authors by the forum software, with two exceptions
    • If the author never moved to this forum, then mysticjuicer still gets the attribution because he invariably was the one who moved the post here
    • There was at least one case where the author had joined this forum, but has not been online here since 2016—I treated this the same as if they had never joined, despite the person in question being a mod (bonus points if you figure out who that is without looking it up)
  • Removed the Beginner’s Guide and Knockdown Guide
    • The former was so old that it had a dead link to the first iteration of this topic back on the old forums, plus some spelling/grammar mistakes
    • The latter had some factually incorrect data… I don’t know how the author was able to get every single ratio of even blocks to odd blocks wrong when he had the block values for each character right there!
    • Both would be nice to re-make on the forum, since they have some info that isn’t really covered anywhere else in a written format (at least that I know)
  • Added new icons next to some items
  • Added space between characters in the list of character guides
  • Added some new items that had been mentioned in the current Resources Topic in a new “Other Resources” sub-section
  • Created a TO Resources section to gather a few items that TOs may find helpful in one place in addition to being scattered across the Player Resources section (and also to give things like AutoTO somewhere to go)

Thank you @Hobusu and @Leontes for making this happen! :heart:


@Leontes: It looks like this has gotten unpinned? Can you re-pin it?

Edit: Oh, wait… I see it’s pinned, maybe I’ve got a settings problem.

Edit2: No, definitely not actually pinned anymore.


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