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[XCAFRR21] QuarterFinals: charnel_mouse vs OffKilter

That would have been hilarious if I had spent all the effort of getting Tech III and the tech lab for Nebula just to have it wrecked by Hooded Executioner right away!

In this case I knew I was gonna see that Abomination again, so it wouldn’t be a total waste of value even in that case.

Gargoyle + Wrecking ball seems like a good combo, eh? It would have been a much different game if Wrecking ball was tech’d in turn 3, so @charnel_mouse could wreck my T2 in turn 5 without exposing the gargoyle to the Jandra snipe.


There was lethal with just the stuff on board, actually: Nebula uses its ability to kill Baron, Geiger + midband Vir clear patrol, and Tric + Nebula break base.


GG, made a nice spectator game!

You had lethal here as well:
Prynn running into SL, then banishing second executioner
Tricycloid removes a rune to finish SL
Tric, Max & Hyperion dealing 11 to base
Remove rune to bring base down to 4
TD Hyperion into Omegacron
Sacrifice something to bring Omegacron online
Hyperion & Omegacron bring base down to -9



Well played! Yeah, a few unfortunate draws, but I should probably have just teched up on Turn 4.