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Why do the boxes feel so amazing?

Okay, this probably seems like a weird/random topic to some.

But, with pretty much all of Sirlin’s games, I’ve noticed that the box for the game is absolutely amazing. I’m thinking especially of the Yomi Round 1/2 boxes, the Pandante Light & Dark box, and now the Codex Starter/Core boxes. It’s one of the things that stands out to me when I think about the production values of Sirlin Games. I’ve literally never encountered game boxes like these.

If you’ve got the physical versions of one or more of these games, you probably know what I’m talking about–there’s a sort of incredible sturdiness to them, and it’s sturdier-feeling than even Fantasy Flight boxes. I’m never worried that these boxes are going to warp, or get squished by other boxes on the shelf.

But then there’s the finish, too. It’s not glossy–which means that it doesn’t have that too-polished feel. It’s not a linen finish, either…it’s some sort of smooth-but-not-too-smooth surface that feels really good, especially when you open/close the box. I think “matte” might be what I’m looking for here. The fact that the games usually have very simple color schemes overall, combined with this, makes them very visually rich.

So I guess that A: I’m showing my appreciation of the production value that goes into these, and B: I’m actually kinda curious about what production choices were made to make the boxes (among other components) feel so good.

I can’t be the only person who’s noticed this, right?


Yeah, they’re really nice boxes. Maybe even just a notch or two below Apple’s “I know this is just cardboard but it’s so nice I can’t bring myself to throw it away” boxes.


Sirlin is a professional box designer who makes games so that he has something to put in them.

(no, but seriously, he spends a lot of time designing those boxes. I, too, would enjoy hearing him put together some kind of explanation about it all.)


You taunt me with your fast shipping times.

Shout outs to Pandante deluxe for having the most amazing box yet.

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My pandante deluxe edition box is falling apart :frowning:
It also never seemed to have the proclaimed magnetic match.
I do like the deluxe box a lot, but in my experience it’s the weakest of all Sirlin’s boxes.

I really like the loud fart noise the Yomi EX Box makes when you open it


CLASSIC box fart.


The first thing Twe said to me when we played in person for the first time was, “oh man, my favorite part about playing with physical decks: The Yomi Noise!” and then she couldn’t actually get the box to fart and was crushed.

The box not farting is what tilted her into losing our money match, I’m saying.


Twe for president of everything.


I found the puzzle strikes box always give box farts

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I find that eating garlic tends to do it for me


Just got my Deluxe box and can confirm it makes The Codex Noise.


Even the sleeve boxes feel amazing


Yeah, SirlinBoxes has some pretty high standards (also I like how someone down the line kindly sneaks nifty games in them!). I have a soft spot for the Flash Duel box. The cover just slides right off without any vacuum or resistance, it’s great!


The Puzzle Strike boxes are pretty great; because of combining the sets, some stuff sits on top, so the lids aren’t fully down. This never worries me in the slightest, because I know there is zero chance of them randomly falling except in totally bizarre circumstances (being held upside-down by only the base??).

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My top to bottom on Sirlin boxes in my Sirlin collection:

Codex Deluxe - As it doesn’t fit on my shelf, it’s sitting sideways on top of the shelf, with the back facing the room, so it makes for a big art showpiece.

Flash Duel 2nd Edition - Its a great size, feels great cardboard wise, is just non-blivand enough to hang out among the rest of the box arts top shelf.

Yomi First Edition and Yomi Second Edition - Boxes are in good condition. The tuck boxes I still have from First Edition range from worn to new, but they’re still overall nice. And Yomi Second Edition has the great box fart. Due to one of my friend’s not being a fan of Yomi’s character designs, it doesn’t get proudly displayed like the above two.

Pandante Light and Shadows Expansion - Its like a Blivand Flash Dual box.

Puzzle Strike Shadows, Pandante Deluxe - These two have gotten really worned out. Puzzle Strike just due to the nature of it being carried around. Pandante Deluxe out of the shipping box has its leather peeling, and the magnets never worked as I would’ve liked (I need to keep it closed with elastic bands) The trays inside are fantastically modular which is a big plus.

Puzzle Strike 1st edition - has seen better ways, given it has both the original MDP board chips and the compensation wood chips Sirlin gave out to make up for the bad print jobs, it’s currently only held together by elastic bands (and duct tape) The wooden tray inside doesn’t quite fit well enough like the 2nd Edition does.


Flash Duel Deluxe First Edition - I never owned it but bought for a friend as a gift. As much of a selling point that it’s been engraved with “friggin’ lasers” the wooden box itself I didn’t like, like it was neat it was made of wood, but it wasn’t as my mind was expecting, something like smooth polished stain wood. The cover peeled and the edges were uncomfortable to hold.


I have this problem too. It’s the saddest sirlin box imo.

What you did there, I see it.

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Added to my list of Sirlin boxes, while it wasn’t part of my collection, I bought it for a friend back in the day, Flash Duel Deluxe First Edition (the wooden box engraved by friggin’ lasers!) is about as dissappointing or lower than Pandante Deluxe.

To be fair it was Sirlin’s early box design. My friend became very impressed with the evolution of the boxes over the years.

“It’s not a typo! It’s a clever turn of phrase!”

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