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Why do the boxes feel so amazing?

Clearly intended… sheepish eyes

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The very first thing when I got my codex boxes was “Wow these boxes are really nice”

I only know about the original Blivand version of the Pandante (pre expansion) box, but I can say for sure that box annoys me to no end. The glue holding the back of the box together just never did it’s job. There has been an annoying flap hanging off in space the entire time I have owned the game minus about one week. Not like I stored it anywhere crazy either, always room temperature.

I like everything else about the box, but I am so annoyed by that flap hanging off in space that I am disappointed about the whole thing.

The magnets did OK for me, though.

Yeah I should’ve gotten a 2nd ed box from the kickstarter. I regret not doing so.
My box’s magnets don’t work, and the board really doesn’t fit it. It bulges and is falling apart, sadly.
Still looks awesome.

Huh, my box still doesn’t have any problems.

I just threw my codex deluxe box in the trash. There is no need for it anymore. All my cards are in one big binder