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What are your favorite spec combinations?

Got 54 games under my belt and I am starting to like a lot Purple starting deck with Anarchy. Chaos Mirror with Hardened Mox or Nullcraft is so useful. It allow to easily get ride of big opponent threat. This lead to try [Future]/Law/Anarchy. Chaos Mirror and the 2 little dudes keeping the board clear while I put in place double Omegacron is amazing. Then, when it come the time to strike, I summon Bigby + Judgment Day, then kill opponent base within a turn.

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This topic is very similar to


I’m sure it can change at any moment, but at this time it is:

[Balance], Strength, Truth

There isn’t anything thought out in advance as to what to do with it. I imagine there has to be some synergistic combos that can be exploited, but in general I just try to stay alive and play in reaction to whatever I face in the short term without all too much thought as to what the opponent is planning in the long term. So you could say, more tactical and less strategic. I feel this particular combination of specs works well for this style of play.