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Twin Cities (Minneapolis / St. Paul) MN Players

I know these threads pop up all the time and we largely ignore the ones that aren’t our region, but just wanted to call out to other Codex players in the Minneapolis / St Paul area that I am located in the west suburbs, and interested in growing the scene here!

With that said, I’ve coordinated with the owner of Level Up Games in South St. Paul to demo codex to folks TOMORROW, (Thursday October 6th) starting at around 6pm and running until 9 or 10! I’ll have 2 copies of every spec (I have a deluxe set and a full print and play) and will be happy to teach any new players or play competitively against any players already familiar with the time I have there! Link to RSVP here:

I know at least 2 other players, @Pooh_Bear and a non-forum member (Scott D) will be joining me, and I believe Scott will be bringing his Deluxe set as well. Come join us, and hopefully we can set up some regular nights that we play!

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DANG! If I didn’t have to go and coach I would be there! Hope all goes well!!! We might have a group up in Maple Grove if things start kicking off down there! Let me know!

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Check that meetup page, I believe there is a weekly event in maple Grove on there!

Tomorrow night I’ll be attending this meetup in St. Paul, bringing with me Codex and a few other games.


If anyone in the Twin Cities area is interested and available Friday (12/2) evening, 3 of us are going to be at the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center in Roseville.

We’ll begin arriving at 5:30pm, and will most likely be there until late into the evening.

We all have sets, so if you don’t own the game but would like to learn it, stop by and we’ll be happy to teach/deomo the game.

aka Rick

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We had 10 people play one or more games of Codes last night at the FFG EC. Overall, a nice turnout.

We also started a Twin Cities Codex: Card-Time Strategy Facebook group to help with arranging times to meetup, etc. If anyone here is interested, let me know or look up the group on Facebook.

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