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[Tournament] XCAPS'19 Format Poll Thread!

Hey All!

I’ll be taking over for @zhavier for our Spring tournament (Codex Asynchronous SPring Swiss, or CAPS) , and as has recently become the trend here (I think we mixed it up for Fall) we will be alternating to a “nonstandard” format from CAWS (winter series which is near completion), thus the X in XCAPS.

A recent thread posted by @Marto has yielded a variety of good suggestions for alternate formats, and thus I will be putting them to a vote! Whether you plan to participate or simply spectate (please participate, it’s more fun with more players!), feel free to vote on what you feel would be a good format below!

I will leave this poll up until Wednesday March 6th, at which point I will start the sign-up and organization thread for the tournament (which will plan to start on Spring Equinox, Wednesday March 20th, probably around 10am US CDT aka UTC -5)

Which Tournament Type would you most like to see / play in? (check as many as you’d be equally happy with)

  • Draft (players draft codex as a portion of each round, 1-2-2-1 specs)
  • Driver, not Car (players enter a deck, play one of the decks entered at random, score for deck wins + player wins)
  • Reverse Driver, nor Car (players enter a deck, play one of the decks entered at random, score for deck losses + player wins)
  • “Re-Balance” (play with cards buffed/nerf based on some set of proposed changes similar to this)
  • Random Map Card per round (removing a few of the problem maps)
  • Random Decks (assigned each round, perhaps with 2 re-roll tokens allotted to each player for the whole tourney)

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Any chance of adding to this list what Marto called “Worst possible codex”? It’s a sort of reverse constructed: you build a (worst possible) codex and play against it the entire tournament. The codex you play changes every game, depending on your opponent.

“You may not change a poll after the first five minutes”…

shakes fist at discourse

Sorry @Dreamfire, I thought “reverse driver, not car” was what was meant by “worst possible codex” when I constructed the poll…

If folks have strong feelings in favor of “Submit the deck your opponent will play each round”, please voice them via comment, otherwise we’ll have to hold that until next time

I think we should stipulate that when you get a random deck in any of those formats, it is guaranteed to not be the deck you submitted, unless 2 or more people submit the same deck.

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I thought that went without saying but yea, you’ll be assigned a deck from the pool of ones you did not submit (and haven’t been assigned to anyone else yet)

Only one vote separating Rebalance from Draft, if you’re on the fence about participating you have a lot of power in your vote! As previously stated I will be taking the leader as of Wednesday morning (or to break a tie, or perhaps some other method if people have strong feelings), so act soon if you want a say!

Okay possibility of a tie is looking pretty real fam, do we want to re-poll with only the two winning options, or have me flip a virtual coin?

The two winning formats are compatible. You could do a drafting tournament w/ experimental changes. :grin:

Feels like a bit too much to jam into a tournament for the first time for either.

Recommend coin flip.


Yeah, I agree (not that I’ll be playing anyway…). My suggestion was mostly tongue-in-cheek.