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[Tournament] Experimental Codex Asynchronous Fall Swiss (XCAFS22)

@dwarddd, are you able to get your match started?

I am extremely sorry, I am wayyy busier this term than i expected and won’t be able to make time for this. Very sorry @Whitspurr , at least there was an even number of players so it’s just as if you had a bye?

Enjoy, guys!


No worries, dwarddd, thanks for letting us know! Whitspurr is on bye, and I’ll shuffle the deck matchup back into the pool.

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I’ll delay round 2 to Monday, to give people more time to finish. Looks like it’s been a busy week for several of us!

OK, I think I’ve generated this correctly this time… Have fun, all!

Round 2

  1. [XCAFS22] Round2: P1 Penatronic [Strength]/Anarchy/Balance vs P2 zango [Necromancy]/Finesse/Future
  2. [XCAFS22] Round2: P1 Whitspurr [Growth]/Future/Past vs P2 FrozenStorm [Blood]/Bashing/Present
  3. [XCAFS22] Round2: P1 charnel_mouse [Bashing]/Necromancy/Past vs P2 Dreamfire [Growth]/Anarchy/Necromancy

Bryce_The_Rice gets the bye.


Hi all, Whitspurr has had to drop out, due to time issues. Thanks for playing, Whitspurr!

Since that puts the number of matches in a round so low, I’m trying to leave the remaining match a little longer, so it doesn’t skew the matchmaking so much.

OK, it looks like all the matches are finished, one way or another, so it’s time for

Round 3

  1. [XCAFS22] Round3: P1 Dreamfire [Strength]/Fire/Past vs P2 zango [Discipline]/Disease/Feral
  2. [XCAFS22] Round3: P1 Bryce_The_Rice [Truth]/Fire/Future vs P2 FrozenStorm [Present]/Peace/Strength
  3. [XCAFS22] Round3: P1 charnel_mouse [Bashing]/Anarchy/Blood vs P2 Penatronic [Fire]/Demonology/Future

With round 3 over, we say goodbye to Penatronic. Thanks for playing!

Round 4

  1. [XCAFS22] Round4: P1 FrozenStorm [Growth]/Discipline/Peace vs P2 zango [Strength]/Blood/Fire
  2. [XCAFS22] Round4: P1 Bryce_The_Rice [Feral]/Disease/Truth vs P2 Dreamfire [Fire]/Disease/Truth

I get the bye.


@zango I’m gonna be a day or so starting, absolutely soaked at work, ping me Thursday if I haven’t started yet

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Bryce_The_Rice is the next to fall, thanks for playing!

Round 5

  1. [XCAFS22] Round5: P1 zango [Fire]/Bashing/Peace vs P2 charnel_mouse [Feral]/Anarchy/Peace
  2. [XCAFS22] Round5: P1 Dreamfire [Peace]/Finesse/Growth vs P2 FrozenStorm [Discipline/Ninjitsu]/Future

charnel_mouse is at elimination. Sorry, I forgot about warning for elimination before.

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And then there were three!

Round 6

  1. [XCAFS22] Round6: P1 zango [Growth]/Demonology/Disease vs P2 Dreamfire [Strength]/Bashing/Blood

FrozenStorm is at elimination.


And then there were still three! Dreamfire gets first blood on zango.

Round 7

  1. [XCAFS22] Round7: P1 FrozenStorm [Fire]/Disease/Growth vs P2 Dreamfire [Future/Present]/Law

FrozenStorm is at elimination.


@charnel_mouse Do you have any statistics on how the various specs are doing so far? It feels like Blue is getting surprisingly good results.

Well, except for a blue starter mirror match of frozen against mouse all games with blue starter were as P1, if I’m not mistaken. I don’t mind at all to play blue as P1, but as P2 it’s a completely different story, I think…

And yes, I think blue P1 won all games.

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I’ve got nothing at the moment, I’ve been a bit swamped at work. I’ll see whether I can put something together at the end.

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FrozenStorm survives another round, and his reward is to fight zango again!

Round 8

  1. [XCAFS22] Round8: P1 zango [Present]/Anarchy/Bashing vs P2 FrozenStorm [Truth]/Anarchy/Future

Dreamfire and FrozenStorm are at elimination.


Am I continuing to run the gauntlet next round @charnel_mouse or am I on the bye?

I’m drawing up the next round tomorrow.

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yeah, it should be you, Frozen, to be the first one to get a second bye. It can’t be me as the algorithm tries to smooth out the number of P1/P2 appearances for each player. Both you and Dreamfire have played one more time as P2 compared to P1, so in case I get the bye, one of you is going to have an unbalanced P1/P2 ratio which doesn’t kick in, if I’m not getting the bye. And if Dreamfire gets the bye, there’s going to be a direct rematch, which is also to be prevented from the algorithm. The other penalty values the algorithm considers will not change that result.
Hence your place in the FINALS is already set, congratulations. It’s well deserved after your comeback from being on elimination longer than Dreamfire and myself.


Quite so.

Round 9

  1. [XCAFS22] Round9: P1 Dreamfire [Peace]/Blood/Future vs P2 zango [Bashing]/Necromancy/Past

FrozenStorm gets the bye.
Everyone is at elimination, so this is the semifinal.
Remember, you can appeal for a different deck matchup if you think your assigned one is too lopsided.