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[Tournament] Codex Asynchronous Winter Swiss - Round 8

Popularity Statistics:

8 Black Starters
5 Red Starters
3 Green Starters
2 Purple Starters
1 White Starters
1 Neutral Starters
0 Blue Starters

7 Necro Specs
6 Blood Specs
6 Growth Specs
6 Demon Specs
6 Strength Specs
4 Anarchy Specs
4 Disease Specs
3 Feral Specs
3 Truth Specs
3 Balance Specs
2 Peace Specs
2 Fire Specs
2 Past Specs
2 Finesse Specs
1 Law Specs
1 Discipline Specs
1 Present Specs
1 Bashing Specs
0 Ninjitsu Specs
0 Future Specs

5 Yes Mono-Color
12 No Mono-Color
3 Neutral + Mono-Color


I really like the idea of a “featured” match @EricF , and am curious to know more details! What makes a match “featured”, and how is the weekly featured match settled on?


I’ll pick one based on arbitrary criteria like the previous / current success of the players involved, and if they had been previously Featured.

The intent is to give spectators a quick idea of which matches will be fun to follow.


Do you think you’d want to do write-ups on the matchup pre/postgame, or solicit further discussion / write-ups on the “featured” matchup from others? I think that might be a fun thing.

That or get some of our budding youtube content creators to “record” them post-game w/ commentary?

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If anyone else wants to do commentary, recording, or other promotion, that would be great! I don’t have the time to manage or commit to providing detailed commentary, but if someone wants to set up a recording session, I’d be happy to make a phone call and provide input.

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Round 2 Pairings:

CAWS 2016: mdn1111 ([Feral]/Truth/Strength) vs. PointyFinger (Mono Black)
CAWS 2016: PiHalbe (Mono Black) vs. Zejety ([Discipline]/Strength/Finesse)
CAWS 2016: Legion ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy) vs. neigutten ([Disease]/Law/Truth)
CAWS 2016: Alhazard ([Demon]/Necro/Finesse) vs. petE ([Anarchy]/Strength/Growth)
CAWS 2016: Castanietzsche ([Bashing]/Balance/Growth) vs. Barrelfish ([Necro]/Blood/Growth)
CAWS 2016: Jadiel (Mono Black) vs. ARMed-Pirate ([Blood]/Demon/Strength)
CAWS 2016: Mooseknuckles ([Growth]/Necro/Strength) vs. cstick ([Demon]/Balance/Fire)
CAWS 2016: robinz ([Blood]/Feral/Present) vs. shax (Mono Red)
CAWS 2016: Eijolend (Mono Green) vs. FrozenStorm ([Blood]/Strength/Growth)

Feature Match:

CAWS 2016: EricF ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy) vs. zhavier ([Necro]/Blood/Truth)

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No featured match this round?

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i cannot find this game anywhere :confused: @Castanietzsche

I think you need to ask @Shax about that.


@PiHalbe are you available to start? I’ll be traveling on the weekend so I’d appreciate it if we could get some turn in before then.

Sorry, between holidays and a bizarre computer bug I haven’t actually started anything yet. I’ll fix that today.


Then i demand a free win for having already concluded both my matches! :imp:
(i’m jking!)

Slow and steady wins the RACE. Or was it CAWS? I get confused sometimes.


Round 3 Pairings:

CAWS 2016: Castanietzsche ([Bashing]/Balance/Growth) vs. PiHalbe (Mono Black)
CAWS 2016: PointyFinger (Mono Black) vs. Jadiel (Mono Black)
CAWS 2016: cstick ([Demon]/Balance/Fire) vs. zhavier ([Necro]/Blood/Truth)
CAWS 2016: shax (Mono Red) vs. Zejety ([Discipline]/Strength/Finesse)
CAWS 2016: EricF ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy) vs. neigutten ([Disease]/Law/Truth)
CAWS 2016: Mooseknuckles ([Growth]/Necro/Strength) vs. FrozenStorm ([Blood]/Strength/Growth)
CAWS 2016: robinz ([Blood]/Feral/Present) vs. Legion ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy)
CAWS 2016: Barrelfish ([Necro]/Blood/Growth) vs. Alhazard ([Demon]/Necro/Finesse)
CAWS 2016: Eijolend (Mono Green) vs. mdn1111 ([Feral]/Truth/Strength)

Feature Match:

CAWS 2016: ARMed-Pirate ([Blood]/Demon/Strength) vs. petE ([Anarchy]/Strength/Growth)

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Does this mean matches need to be finished on or before Jan 9th or Jan 10th? I’ve a round 2 match going slowly.

I’m generating pairings on Wednesday morning Pacific time (about noon GMT). Matches that aren’t done by then will be given a result.

is there a way to quickly chek how many out the players have got? thnak u

@Shax we should really get going. Or have you already created the thread and I missed it?

Just thought I would take the opportunity to mention how much I’m enjoying reading other people’s games in this tournament. The level of play is really high, and I’m seeing a lot of variation in the strategies being used - lots of really good games going late with a lot of back and forth!


mdn1111 hasn’t responded or posted, so they are now officially dropped. Anyone paired against them has been given a BYE instead (and it does count as your normal tournament BYE).

@Mooseknuckles and @Shax haven’t started their Round 3 match yet - please message me before Wednesday with why that didn’t happen, or I’ll just call it an adjudicated loss.

I’ll post standings alongside the pairings starting in Round 4.