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[Tournament] Codex Asynchronous suMmer Swiss (CAMS) 2017

Signups are open for the second tournament in the CASS 2017 series.

You can read the rules/format in This Thread, and I’ll be making a consolidated post eventually.

tl;dr: this is a one-match-per-week asynchronous codex tournament starting the first day of Summer 2017 (June 20), with games played out on these forums, but alternate venues are OK if both players agree to it. Submit your deck and signup via PM to @EricF (you may change your deck at any point before June 20). For those new to these forums, you do have to make a couple of posts and wait 24 hours before being allowed to initiate a Private Message.

Participating Players - Late signups will be accepted through the end of June (with a possible penalty, depending on how many late signups there are)

  1. EricF
  2. Jadiel
  3. FrozenStorm
  4. zhavier
  5. Shadow_Night_Black
  6. Bob199
  7. holytispon
  8. petE
  9. ARMed_PIrate
  10. Eijolend
  11. Penatronic

You know I’m in, haven’t missed a CASS tourney yet!

Count me in !
And interested to see if the deck landscape has shifted again.

Let’s find out if I can do better than last time, in!

You made the finals last time! :wink:

Made finals != Won tourney


“You’re either first, or your last” :wink:

Just teasing, I know the feeling


I’m in, deck tbd

I’m in!

But I’d like some help picking my theme deck for the tourney! Here’s a list of ones that I’ve tried and really enjoyed, and those that I haven’t tried but would be happy to play several games with. Please help me by voting for up to three of your favorites!

    • [Growth]/Demonology/Strength (ArgagargGargGarGargBarbarbar–Untested)
    • [Present]/Demonology/Growth (ArgagargGargArgArgoGargoGeig!–Untested)
    • [Necromancy]/Past/Discipline (Time Out, @Kaelii’s creation–Pirate untested)
    • [Blood]/Bashing/Growth (Ramhorn’s Ramhorns)
    • [Present]/Demonology/Finesse (Un-break Dancers)
    • [Present]/Strength/Anarchy (That’s Just DeGrey-ding)
    • [Truth]/Anarchy/Present (Mirror, Mirror)
    • Placeholder because the previous item wasn’t showing in the poll.

0 voters

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I’m in. Deck TBD

Looks like the voters have chosen [Present]/Strength/Anarchy for my deck. (:

Two specs have haste, and it comes with a solid starting hero, so maybe I’ll be able to figure out some other fun synergies!


Honestly the name was too good not to vote for XD

That’s all @lemaster. At this point I’ve just been trying out various decks from the thematic thread for my casuals, and making note of which ones I like. (:

Happy to be of service :smile:

i’m in (i hope)

Sign me up!

I’ll also be joining. I don’t think I’ll be a totally formidable challenge for y’all experienced players but it’s Swiss so it shouldn’t be that bad.

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Weekend bump. Event starts Tuesday!

I thought I had already joined but I guess not… now the question is, how HAM is everyone going on their spec choices?

wait,i already did post, just not in the list.

If you haven’t sent me your squad, then you aren’t signed up :codexonimaru:

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