[Tournament] Codex Asynchronous suMmer Swiss 2024 (CAMS24)

How do I properly tag a topic as play-by-forum when creating it, and is there a way to fix it now that it’s wrong? Or should I just delete and recreate?

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The tournament now consist of a total of 12 players which is incredible!

To think, just 2 weeks ago you were stressing the event might not even muster 8! Truly your Codex cup runneth over


Bad news everybody, though mostly for me. Last night I got a concussion with almost all the usual symptoms, and I’ve been advised not to do anything that would strain myself mentally or (especially) physically until those symptoms start tapering off. Right now my focus and concentration are so poor I can’t even hang onto the whole picture through 10-minute Youtube videos about things I enjoy, so this tournament is pretty far out of the question.

I’m committing now to not playing any Codex until this Monday, July 15th. Usual recovery times for this severity range from 1-2 weeks with a small tail risk of up to a couple months, meaning I may not even be ready to play on that date, but at least then I’ll re-assess. I don’t know what you want to do about this @zango . I really don’t desire to drop out, and hope it’s possible some accommodation can be made that avoids me getting an automatic round loss, but I don’t think I could finish a game of Codex right now even if I were willing to be reckless about my health. So ultimately I’m pretty stuck with whatever ruling you come up with for this scenario. Sorry to make your life hard :frowning:


No worries @Titania all the best for a speedy recovery. In such a situation I’m sure everybody will be understanding and we can continue without you having finished the games. Keybounce can’t be expected to play three games in parallel, so I’ll at least wait for him to complete one of his matches before starting the next round and we can initiate the round after that without you having started that one. Let’s see how you’re doing then and we’ll decide on how to process then. Up until then I’ll cross my fingers for you.
And PS: as Bryce already announced an absence from Friday to Wednesday, I’m more than happy to give a bit more leeway on how fast the next round should be played out. I hope nobody else minds.


Hey everyone, only one match is still in the open, so here we go with round 3, GL & HF everyone! Please remember to write down the balance changes at the start of your threads.

  1. [CAMS24] Round3: P1 Moby_Dick [Fire]/Blood/Demon vs P2 Bryce_the_Rice [Finesse]/Discipline/Strength
  2. [CAMS24] Round3: P1 Titania [Finesse]/Feral/Growth vs P2 rathyAro [Feral]/Blood/Truth
  3. [CAMS24] Round3: P1 FrozenStorm [Finesse]/Blood/Fire vs P2 James [Demonology]/Strength/Growth
  4. [CAMS24] Round3: P1 dwarddd monoblue vs P2 thehug0naut [Past/Present]/Necromancy
  5. [CAMS24] Round3: P1 charnel_mouse [Necromancy]/Anarchy/Blood vs P2 Steve44 monored
  6. [CAMS24] Round3: P1 Unity monopurple vs P2 keybounce monopurple

@Unity and @James are on elimination. The player losing the late match of @thehug0naut vs @keybounce will also be on elimination.

Please be aware that @Bryce_The_Rice and @Titania will not be able to directly start their matches and that we will have a longer grace period to wait for them in this round.