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[Tournament] Codex Asynchronous sPring Swiss (CAPS) 2017 *Round 7*

Signups are open for the first tournament in the CASS 2017 series.

You can read the rules/format in This Thread, and I’ll be making a consolidated post shortly.

tl;dr: this is a one-match-per-week asynchronous codex tournament starting the first day of Spring 2017 (March 20), with games played out on these forums, but alternate venues are OK if both players agree to it. Submit your deck and signup via PM to @EricF (you may change your deck at any point before March 20). For those new to these forums, you do have to make a couple of posts and wait 24 hours before being allowed to initiate a Private Message.

Participating Players - Late signups will be accepted through the end of March (with a possible penalty, depending on how many late signups there are)

robinz ([Discipline]/Fire/Truth)
NikoBolas (Mono White)
petE ([Anarchy]/Strength/Growth)
zhavier ([Anarchy]/Strength/Growth)
ARMed-Pirate (Mono Red)
Hobusu ([Anarchy]/Strength/Growth)
Barrelfish ([Finesse]/Present/Law)
Jadiel ([Feral]/Future/Truth)
Mooseknuckles ([Growth]/Necro/Strength)
Shadow-Night-Black ([Balance]/Growth/Finesse)
cstick ([Feral]/Necro/Anarchy)
EricF ([Peace]/Balance/Anarchy)
FrozenStorm ([Demon]/Necro/Finesse)
payprplayn ([Necro]/Blood/Law)
Kaelii ([Finesse]/Discipline/Ninjitsu)
shax (Mono Blue)
Penatronic ([Present]/Peace/Blood)


I’m in :smiley:

And I will probably always be willing to help judge if needed.

If I understand the rules correctly, each participant in this tournament will only be playing one game per week, right? If that’s the case, I should be able to join this time.

You will be matched for 1 game per week. Often, there are 2 or three matches that go more than 7 days, and I generally don’t hold up pairings, so if you are in a long running match, you could be finishing one match and starting a second at the same time.

Never more than 2, though.

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Count me in !


I’ll have to think really hard about what kind of deck I want, but I think I’m in.


I expect I’ll be in as the whipping boy once more. Got a couple of decks I’m thinking about trying.


I’m in, these have been a really good time thus far! Thanks as always for running these @EricF! Also I would be willing to be a backup adjudicator along with Zhavier if need be. I’m pretty active here and reasonably good at spotting errors

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not sure what deck yet, but I will play.

Alright, I’m in! :smiling_imp:

I’ll give it a try.

One week left to sign up! Be sure to message me your squad lists, if you haven’t already.

Only about 11 people signed up so far - don’t wait until the last minute!


I have signups and decks from these 14 players:


If I missed your signup, or you want to change decks, or you want to sign up, I’ll hold off on round 1 pairings for about 8 hours.

Happy Spring, everyone!


Round 1 Pairings:

Feature Match:
CAPS 2017: FrozenStorm ([Demon]/Necro/Finesse) vs. petE ([Anarchy]/Strength/Growth)

CAPS 2017: NikoBolas (Mono White) vs. cstick ([Feral]/Necro/Anarchy)
CAPS 2017: Mooseknuckles ([Growth]/Necro/Strength) vs. zhavier ([Anarchy]/Strength/Growth)
CAPS 2017: Barrelfish ([Finesse]/Present/Law) vs. ARMed-Pirate (Mono Red)
CAPS 2017: Hobusu ([Anarchy]/Strength/Growth) vs. Jadiel ([Feral]/Future/Truth)
CAPS 2017: Shadow-Night-Black ([Balance]/Growth/Finesse) vs. Kaelii ([Finesse]/Discipline/Ninjitsu)
CAPS 2017: EricF ([Peace]/Balance/Anarchy) vs. payprplayn ([Necro]/Blood/Law)
CAPS 2017: robinz ([Discipline]/Fire/Truth) vs. shax (Mono Blue)


Wow, that could easily be the final right there! I’ll definitely be looking at that one in some depth if (big if, unfortunately) I find time.

Oh, and reading through the deck choices, there are quite a few surprises. No-one playing PPA? @ARMed_PIrate playing Monored rather than one of his fun multicolour builds? Although I guess for a player as aggressive as him, Monored is the obvious choice :slight_smile:

(Oh, and as for mine - yep, it’s pretty random, although I think with quite a few synergies and a lot of different options to answer opponents with. No, I haven’t got round to testing it at all! :smiley: )


@Barrelfish I’m looking forward to getting brutalized by flickering Fencers and Hyperions while my Tech sits in court waiting for its appeal. (:

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Is it set-up in P1 vs P2 style? Or should we roll to go first?

usually it’s listed as P1 vs P2, I’m assuming that applies here.

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The player listed first starts the thread and goes first. Please copy/paste the exact title as listed in the Pairings post, so that all the CAPS games are easy to find.