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Tech-free shenanigans

So it recently occurred to me that it’s theoretically possible to play any Tech-II unit in the game without ever building a Tech I building. The plan, which uses Feral/Present/X andrequires a heroes hall unless you have some way of suiciding heroes at the perfect times, is to summon a Predator Tiger with Cala’s maxband, then use Temporal Distortion to turn it into a Warp Gate Discple, which can then summon any Tech II unit from your codex. Obviously this is an extremely risky plan, which won’t work against certain codices, but these are good specs anyway, so you just don’t go for it against them. Has anyone ever tried this? Were you able to get it to work?


Yes, I have, and no, it didn’t work (primarily, it was too slow to keep the opponent off their plan, and I couldn’t keep a tiger on the board long enough)


That was pretty much how it was gaming out in my head. Too bad… it seems like it’s sooo close to being feasible, like maybe as close as 1 early-game gold in some matchups. I still like the concept, though.

That’s how I feel about any plan involving WGD.


I got lucky once and drew two copies of Now! and a Warp Gate Disciple. I brought in a second Warp Gate Disciple and an Immortal. The next turn I brought out crazier stuff and my opponent was out boarded. (I think he didn’t have any direct damage or fliers.)


I think any time you go in knowing all your techs in advance that you aren’t focusing enough on countering what the opponent is doing and what threats they can present.

Theoretically the WGD solves that problem, eventually. Theoretically.


I can’t go in with a plan of not interacting with the opponent for 5+ turns, but it’s possible it could work.

The ONLY way I could see this as viable is against a particularly passive opponent, maybe mono-blue, or someone using a max-Vir Mech gambit. Not practical at all. Very cool, though.

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Max Vir Mech gambit usually pays off sooner than that. You can almost guarantee having a 6/7, a 2/1 and a 3/5 on the board on Turn 3 (and another 2/1 is not unusual).

ETA: This is @EricF’s attempt at getting the deck to work, if you want to see how it went. I found them a fun series of games to watch.

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Rather than Calamandra, one could use Midori and Circle of Life a couple times to get a tech II out without having to build your tech buildings. Actually, Midori and Geiger each have pretty great spells, I could see a deck that revolves around heroes hall and teched spells from those two heroes, and if you’re able to wind up with a Now! and a Temporal Distortion in your hand on any turn when you have a tech 2 already in play (presumably from a Circle Of Life either on a previous turn or on this turn) you could grab the WGD risk-free and immediately activate it.

Of course, you’d be loading your deck up with a bunch of tech I and tech II garbage that could couldn’t play, so I don’t know that it would actually work all that well. But if you’re not intentionally restricting yourself against building tech buildings, that mitigates the problem somewhat.