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Team USA vs the World - Saturday, Nov 18th @ 6pm EST

Team USA has a 2-1 lead in this event. Will the World be able to tie it up? This could be a lead in to a historic 5th event.


  • 5 players for each region

  • First region to five wins will win the set

  • Each team member claims three characters in thread during sign-up

  • Each player will be seeded according to tournament ELO

  • The seeded format will be 1 vs 5, 2 vs 4, and 3 vs 3 (winners move on and losers are eliminated)

  • If neither side wins all five games, the highest (5 being the highest) remaining seeds from each side will square off. The winner will stay on to take on the next highest seed until one side is completely eliminated.

  • Each match will be double blind picks between the three declared characters for each player

Match Rules

  • Double Blind Pick (Selected from players three available characters)

  • Mid Timer

  • Double KO = Replay Match with no wins or losses awarded

The first five to sign-up for each region will play. Sign-ups that occur after the rosters are finalized will be alternates.

Team USA

CKR - :zane::setsuki::onimaru:
Fluffiness - :persephone: :setsuki::gwen:
Southpaw Hare - :bbb::gloria::vendetta:
sharpobject -:gloria::geiger::troq:
Niijima-san - :rook::setsuki::vendetta:


Team World

Bob199 - :argagarg::valerie::degrey:
Caralad - :troq::gwen::grave:
mysticjuicer - :troq::onimaru::setsuki:
Attilian - :lum::zane::grave:
BD_Corro - :setsuki::geiger::zane:




CKR - USA - Zane, Setsuki, Onimaru

This event time has been decided because it is the best compromise for all regions.

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In,world,:disguisedmonkey: / :valerie: / :codexargagarg:

Also, welcome back CKR


Thanks. I have a few questions. How many of these USA vs the World events has occurred in the past? What is the win/loss record? If you can’t remember, then I will look it up. Thanks for joining.

3 that I know of, the first happened during Yomi.1, the latter in current Yomi. Historical record is 2-1 USA, and the most recent win was US.


USA, chars TBD

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I’m willing to put myself forward for consideration for team world. I’ll decide characters later.


There is no formal approval process. The first five to sign-up for each team will be part of the team. It is preferable to have experienced players, though. IMO, you fit this criteria. I will add you to the world list of players.

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I will be a substitute for a EU player, if one drops out ^^ or if we are unable to field a full 5.


Does that work?

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That works.

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Footage of the previous two matches:


Something to consider, last time we switched over to winner of a game can’t replay until the rest of their team has played. This was done to give more people a chance to play


In for USA - :bbb: :gloria: :vendetta:

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I’d like to play but my availability is pretty sketchy. I’ll very tentatively put myself down for :quince: :geiger: :valerie: on behalf of Team USA.

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Team USA, Rook Setsuki and Vendetta


Team World - Troq, Onimaru, Setsuki


Not a partisan, and not a contender, but I’m super hyped to watch the match!


If there’s room on Team USA I’d be interested in playing.

In as: :bbb: :grave: :troq:


I think this format could be interesting.

  • Each player for each region is seeded 1-5 by historical MU Chart win percentage

  • The first five games are played out with each seed playing the equal corresponding seed. (i.e. #1 from USA vs #1 from World, #2 from USA vs #2 from World,…,…)

  • If the first to five has not been decided after the preliminary seeding round, then the top seeded winners from each region will play. (i.e. the #1 seed from US would play the #2 seed from World, if the #1 seed from US won and the #2 seed from World won during the seeded round) The loser of this game will drop for the next highest winning seeded player from the region. This will continue until the match is decided.

This would give every player a chance to play. It would have the added kicker that the winning team would have to defeat every player on the losing team.

We could use traditional seeding. (i.e. 1vs5, 2vs4, 3vs3)