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Tabletop simulator

I own the full set of physical Codex cards and multiple extras, but in order to find opponents and help promote this game I like to use the Tabletop Simulator full playlet mod (unofficial and not available on steam). I paid for the tabletopia access for a while but there are hardly any players on there and the interface and load times are not great.

Therefore I wondered if anyone on this forum would like to play online using TTS?

When it’s so easy to find mtg opponents online, it’s a challenge to give this game the priority it deserves.

Let me know if you’d like a live game, and the timings (and timezone) that are likely to suit you and I’ll get in touch. You don’t need the mod, only I do as the host.

Alternatively if anyone has Tabletopia full access, then I’m happy to join you for a game and overlook the interface for the sake of playing.

I know this guy likes codex

Thanks, I’ll ping him.

if there is a big enough base, i could buy tts too, otherwise would be a waste of €.
how many codex players are around?

Well there me+1 interested from here. Including you that would be three. That is three higher than the numbers on Tabletopia, unless I have missed something? (I might well have, as I’m happy to play on Tabletopia if there is a TT community on here that I’ve missed)

there is no community on TT, sadly

That is a shame. I am happy to host weekly games between the three of us. Perhaps more will join if we’re enjoying it?

If you’re interested, what are your preferred time slots during the week?

Whatever the platform, it’s all good promotion for the game in my eyes.

I also have Tabletop Sim (I’ve used it to play with house mates as our table is not big enough to fit 3/4 of us playing codex around it) I am shadow_night_black on steam.

Great stuff, now we could have four :). I’ll add you on steam.

Do you have a preferred time slot?

Evening I am generally around (I’m GMT), but I’m currently a student on holiday, so timings matter much less for me.

Ok great. I’m also GMT so a weekday evening may be on the cards (so to speak). I’ll ping you a msg on Steam sometime this week to organise.

i’m gmt too!

Excellent news. I think I’ve already added you on Steam.

@CloudCuckooCountry thanks for getting in touch. Yes I’m on the TTS discord channel to happy to chat during a game.

I use the TTS club discord channel:

why not creating our discord server, to contact and chat each other?


Sure why not.

Please join this new Discord, for us to chat whilst playing Codex.

I’ll also use it to arrange sessions.


@MVashM @Dizeaze are u interested?

Always interested in codex and especially on tts. I’m on eastern time which I think is 5hrs behind gmt

fancy a game?