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Slay the Spire

I wanted to talk about Slay the Spire without bumping Mysticjuicer’s video thread again!

After far too long playing the game, I finally got my first Ascension 20 win. I didn’t get all the keys to go for the Heart, but after beating my head against it for several weeks, this was still pretty damn satisfying.

Especially when I got it off Searing Blow, usually one of the most useless cards in the game.

In case it’s not clear why this deck is silly: four of the 14 cards in the deck exhaust, or are powers. Once those are played, there are only 10 cards in the deck. Combined with Runic Pyramid, that means Armaments is improving Searing Blow every turn. My first final boss was the Awakened One, and phase two of that fight was just me sitting back until I could one-shot him. Time Eater didn’t fare much better.

Anyone else had fun runs recently?

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Haha! Wow, Asc20 off a busted-crown relic swap? That’s sick! :smiley:

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Searing Blow was the second card pick I got, thought I might as well lean into it!

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