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[Series] Monocolor Matchup Madness 1! Sign up today!

As discussed here, I’d like to start an “official” series / data-gathering project to find out how balanced each mono vs mono deck matchup is!

There are 15 matchups (excluding mirrors), which means 150 games to play a best of 10 of every one, so we’ll need plenty of players to sign up to play one or more colors in one or more matchups.

This is the basics of how the project will run:

  • Players sign up for one side of a matchup using the spreadsheet below
  • Once a matchup is “filled”, those two players start a “warm-up/experimentation” series, playing both sides of the matchup, similar to how @Nekoatl and me are doing with Black vs Blue (see here)
  • Once both players feel “expert enough” to have a good handle on that matchup, they start a 10-game series
  • Be sure each side plays 5 games as P1 and 5 as P2, you can alternate each game if you like but personally I’d recommend running all 5 before switching (it’s amazing what little wrinkles you can find!)
  • MMM runs as long as it takes to finish all the 10-game series, with a goal of finishing all 150 games by the end of the year

And Some General Guidelines for Rules:

  1. Please title your warm-up series [MMM1] WARM-UP: COLOR_A (COLOR_A PLAYER NAME) vs COLOR_A (COLOR_B PLAYER NAME)
  2. Please title your games in the form [MMM1] Game X: P1 COLOR_A (COLOR_A PLAYER NAME) vs P2 COLOR_A (COLOR_B PLAYER NAME)
  3. Please make a new thread for each game in the series
  4. Please link to each thread on the spreadsheet, label the link “In Progress” while the game is ongoing, and summarize the win after completion
  5. General forum Play-By-Post best practices apply: hide secrets in spoiler tags so spectators can see, include thoughts if possible, point out errors in other people’s games politely if you see them, etc.

To sign up, put your username in a blank space next to “Players”

I’ve started things off by signing up for Black against Blue (which I’m hoping @Nekoatl steers against me!) and White against Black (I know there’s lots of Black players out there!) If anyone wants to play the opposite side of either of those, we can kick things off!


I’ll take black against white. For some reason, I can’t edit the spreadsheet from my phone


Since its such a commitment i want to think a little before I sign up for one, but I’ll probably try green or blue… or red. Depending on what others are interested in I’ll prob figure it out from there

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Awesome! It’s commiting to 10 games + warmup, but there’s no time limit so if anyone is busy now don’t sweat it! I encourage playing at your own pace

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Also having a hard time with the spreadsheet but signed up for Red side of Green Red!

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I’ll take the White side of White-Red

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I’ll sign up for the green side of Green red. I also put myself up for the purple side of anything (but will keep current ongoing games to 2-4, just to keep me having time in the day for non-codex games :stuck_out_tongue: )


I put my hat in the ring for Green in Green-White and Blue in Green-Blue

There should be a provision for people to drop out and have new people take up the matchup, or it can just be handled if it happens.

Also, these results will have bias for player skill, as only 1 player ever plays one side of the matchup. You could theoretically remove some of the player skill bias by making the players play both colors in the matchup, but that would still have some skill bias.


I can play one side of each mono-color. You can fill me in later / as needed.


Heroic task

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@holytispon and I will do Purple vs Blue. I’ve also put myself down for Black vs Purple and Purple vs White, so if anyone wants to take me on at those, I’m happy to oblige.

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I’ll play the red side of some matchup that isn’t taken or someone is interested in. I must improve my inner yolo


I think playing both sides would help the data be relevant. You will be gaining experience in the matchup playing either side of it, arguably more experience faster if you play both decks. And it will be less monotonous

I’m tempted to try and do Black against something, maybe Purple. Anyone out there who is reltiavely inexperienced would like to try and get better together with Purple vs. Black?

@EricF there’s several open blanks, I’ll put you down for two for now :slight_smile: White vs @zhavier’s green, and red vs @petE’s white

@FrozenStorm Im still up for red v xxx

Yes I just noticed that, would be better to give @EricF one of @Jadiel’s blanks, and then why don’t you take Red vs petE’s white @Penatronic. @EricF how about Purple vs Jadiel’s Black?

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I would be tempted to sign up for red something or purple something, but my desire to mess around and try bizarre game planes every game regardless of effectiveness will definitely give bad data.

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I think that’s the intention of the warm up games

Indeed, and the only limit on the warm-up games is what you and your play partner tolerate.