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Rules Questions thread

Does Inverse Power Ninja constantly gain and lose health/attack as other units die, ir is it a fixed number based on units/heroes in when play qhen it comes into play.?

It changes every time a unit or hero enters or leaves play.

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And it can get both stronger and weaker correct not just weaker. The wording could be taken that it only is abke to “get” -1/-1 not gain +1/+1

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That’s right. It regains ATK and HP when one of your units or heroes leaves play.


Regarding armor timing for squad leaders, from the manual:

“Squad Leader: Gets 1 armor while patrolling and must be dealt with first.”
“Note: the Squad Leader’s armor refreshes each turn.”

From this, I understood that at the start of each opponent’s turn, the Squad Leader is given 1 point of armor which is lost if it gets sidelined. Seems straightforward until Grappling Hook is taken into consideration, because if a patroller gets moved from Squad Leader to another slot, it is still patrolling, even though it is no longer a Squad Leader.

So, there are 2 ways I can interpret the rules.

  1. At the start of each opponent’s turn, the Squad Leader is given a point of armor which lasts until end of turn or until it leaves the patrol zone, in which case getting moved from Squad Leader to a different slot does not remove the armor, and getting moved into the Squad Leader slot does not grant a point of armor.

  2. As soon as a patroller enters the Squad Leader slot, it immediately gains a point of armor, and that at the start of each opponent’s turn, it is repaired if it was destroyed on the previous turn. This would mean that getting moved out of the Squad Leader slot would immediately remove the armor, and getting moved into Squad Leader slot would immediately grant it. A consequence of this would be that in exceedingly rare cases, an opponent might need to chew through Squad Leader armor more than once in the same turn.

My feeling is that (2) is the intended behavior, but I can see RAW arguments to support either interpretation.

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Is there anyone who doesn’t play it such that grappling hook removes the 1 armor when a creature is pulled out of the taunt slot?

Is there anyone who doesn’t play it such that grappling hook would add 1 armor to anything put into the taunt slot?

I play it like everyone else. (2)

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2 is the correct interpretation and design intent, I am 100% certain.

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A related question would be - is gaining a point of armor a triggered ability or some kind of state-based action? i.e. if I maxband Zane a unit into SQL, does it take a point of damage, or just lose its SQL armor?

I’m pretty sure (2) is the correct interpretation also…

Zane would ping off the armor.

An alternate wording for SQL that I think always gives the intended result:

The SQL patrol slot has 1 point of armor. If there is a patroller in this slot, it must be dealt with first. This armor refreshes at the beginning of each opponent’s turn.

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If that’s true, it’s another state-based effect which needs adding to @sharpobject’s list.

Now I am envisioning a scenario with Zane that I don’t know the answer to.

The entire patrol is full. I attack and kill the SQL. I then maxband Zane, moving another patroller into the SQL slot. The armor in SQL was either already used up, or grants a new armor because it is a new patroller.

A rules lawyer will say that your (@zhavier) wording doeant serve deathtouch if it deals just 1dmg

I mean, that is fair. I suppose it would require some refinement, or I just stay away from alternate wordings :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t like the “must be dealt with first” wording. I would really like to see that go in a rewrite.

I think the wording is fine as is, it just needs “in this slot” adding between patrolling and.

I’m pretty sure that a unit pushed into SQL gets the armor, even if a previous unit has already benefited from SQL armor. Zane lets you give (and get!) double scav or tech bonuses, so it would be weird if SQL was different. Elite and Lookout clearly grant their bonuses to units which get moved into them also.


Can one boot camp a forecasted unit?

No, I forcasted unit is, for all intents and purposes, not in play untill the final time runs is removed.

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No, effects can’t target and don’t have any effect on Forecasted units unless they specifically say they do.

You can’t do anything to a forecasted unit unless it explicitly says you can. Basically only effects that remove or give timerunes.