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Rules Questions thread

Can I surmise from your statement that you think the new and improved version of the rules might require clarification? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been trained by every other game to believe anything on a card takes precedence over anything not on a card, but that’s a kind of thing that should be in the rulebook somewhere and not on cards themselves.

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Vortross Emblem
Attaching it to opposing unit never crossed my mind. That makes it much more useful. So opponent will be forced to buff/debuff his own units instead of targeting mine.

Stampede & Fox Den Student
So both of them only affect units already in play? @sharpobject
If different, can we rationalize why so?

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You might read some of the design articles on, Sirlin points out some things like this about the cards there.

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“Your units get +3 ATK / +3 armor this turn.”

It says “get” instead of “has”. I don’t know if that makes a difference.
Also, it says “this turn,” which would seem to imply it sets up a continuous effect that lasts until the end of the turn, constantly checking all your units and making sure they have the bonus. (I know this goes against the ruling.)
If it had said “until the end of this turn,” that would be (slightly) more clearly a situation in which your units get it once, but it lasts on those specific units for the rest of the turn.

Fox’s Den Students:
“This turn, your Ninja units have haste and stealth.”

This uses “have” instead of “get”. I don’t know if this makes a difference, but “have” sounds a lot more continuous to me, whereas “get” sounds more like a 1-time instantaneous effect.

It doesn’t help that we use “have,” “got,” and “have got” interchangeably to mean continuous possession in conversational/pop culture American English:
I have rhythm.
I’ve got rhythm. (I have got rhythm.)
I got rhythm.


From working on the Yomibase project with @vengefulpickle, I’ve come to realize that all Sirlin games have reminder/help text in italics and parenthesis. For example, the text on Spectral Tiger is:

(Illusions die when by spells or abilities.)

Thus, this text is reminder text and does not constitute an ability (and therefore Spectral Tiger and Spectral Hound have no abilities). Similarly, if you look at Spectral Aven:

(Illusions die when by spells or abilities.)
(Can fly over ground patrollers. Ground forces without anti-air can’t attack this or deal combat damage to it when attacked.)

The first part is the same reminder text, and after the Flying keyword (which is bold so you know it’s a keyword) it has more reminder text for how flying works (also in italics and parenthesis).

On the other hand, Spectral Flagbearer has:

(Illusions die when by spells or abilities.)
Whenever an opponent plays a spell or ability that can ◎ a flagbearer, it must ◎ a flagbearer at least once.

Again, same reminder text about being an illusion, but the second part is not in italics nor parenthesis, so it’s an ability. In other words, once you learn this guiding principle that applies to all Sirlin games, you don’t need to look up the rulings to figure this issue out. Maybe other issues could have been handled better, but like @mysticjuicer said, it’s too late to reprint all the cards.


If someone wants to make a rules-enforced version of the game, they really do have to know all this obscure stuff though. It’s also helpful to me whenever someone asks about things that I hadn’t considered before.


I k iw this isn’t the oerfect spot for this question but could find anywhere better. Healing onky works on units and heroes but is there any avenues to heal buildings/bases besides Graves one spell?

The green mantis does it


If you max Vandy on a turn where your opponent only has a single unit which has resist, are you still forced to pick it? If so, what if you can’t afford it? Do you still pick it and do as much as you can? Or is that part of the ability effectively canceled by the fact that you can’t afford it?

If you dont have the money, you cant target it.
Eg. Opponent flagbearer on lookout
If you use any targeting spell and have no extra 1g to target the flagbearer, you cant target him --> you can now target other units that dont have resist !


That spell, Artisan Mantis (Growth Tech 2), and Brick thief (Neutral starter) and the only ones I know off

Yes, unless you can’t afford it, then you do nothing (as you did as much as you could). This also works against enemy flag bearers with resist, if you don’t have the gold to target them, you can target other units/heros/building your opponent controls

EDIT: Beaten by MVashM

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Run [Finesse]/Past/Present, Stewardess, Undo, Prynn/Geiger Maxband, Now!, Ready or Not, maybe Second Chances and Research & Development, and see how many times you can get BT to arrive and/or attack! You will almost certainly lose, but I bet you’ll heal a lot of building damage!


Since the nuetral decks are not directly associsted eith a colir can you choose a mono blue deck but still use the nuetral starter? My instincts say no.

No. You have to pick a starter deck associated with one of your 3 heroes.

I would say that they are directly associated with whatever color the neutral decks are (brown?).

Right, I meant more in the sense hiw you do not pay any exyra to cast a nuetral spell with any hero so i wondered if more than just the spells transfered

You do not pay a multi-color penalty for including the neutral specs, but that is all, (which makes them quite good just by that.)

Elite Patroller question

There was a ruling that unit’s attack can’t be negative.
So a Reputable Newsman with single -1/-1 rune has 0 Attack.

What happens if I patrol said Newsman in Elite slot? Will I have 1/2 Newsman (as per Elite buff being added as a separate layer after all other modifications are applied) or a 0/2 Newsman (no extra “buff” layers) ?

I’m pretty sure that the ruling is that attack can’t be negative after all modifiers have been applied. So Newsman with a -1/-1 rune in elite is a 0/2