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Both Drill Sergeant and Flagstone Garrison say “Whenever you play a unit from your hand…” This is a very specific set of circumstances, and does not care whether a unit arrives in play, dies immediately, or goes to another zone, such as forecast. It cares that you paid the cost to play the unit, and that the unit started in your hand. All other conditions or circumstances are irrelevant.

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Thanks i had a feeling it would be that way, though I kinda wish it was different.

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Can a spell or ability without the [target] symbol always be used on an Untargetable unit? For example, can Firehouse use its tap ability against Potent Basilisk?

The rulings spreadsheet says “Something that’s untargetable…can even be affected by some spells and abilities, but NO spells or abilities that use the [target] symbol”

But an article by lettucemode says about Firehouse, “Untargetable things will make you very sad. So will things with Resist, since paying for every use of Firehouse’s ability can get pretty expensive”.

Firehouse’s ability does not use the [target] symbol. Can it be used against Untargetable units? Does it still have to pay against Resist?


And Skellies, and Ninjas, and Soldiers…

Spells and or abilties without the target symbol can be used on untargetable things (or resist units without paying more). Firehouse however is targeted, the target symbol is next to the building keyword underneath it’s name. Chaos Mirror and Manufactured Truth are two good examples of spells that are not targeted.


cross posting a question from a game of mine.

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Trash != destroy. Two lives won’t trigger.


The only card I know that can prevent the mirror trashing is Gilded Glaxx, and that is because it “can’t leave play.” Everything else can be trashed.


[Details=And another question related to same game, but not for Shax]

If the opponent has a mirror copy made with Quince’s maxband, and my own Quince casts Free Speech, what happens to that mirror? I’m guessing it just stays as it is, because the relevant hero ability was used on a previous turn and was therefore legit (and if anything removing the ability will hinder me because the mirror will no longer get destroyed if Quince or the original leaves play). But could it be argued that the copying effect is some sort of ongoing ability and therefore disabled by FS?

(The latter suggestion is probably just me getting desparate :slight_smile: )


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Given how Prynn 's abilities work regarding free speech/de-leveling, I would imagine that the mirror would no longer get trashed if Quince/the orignal leaves play (there is nothing to say that should happen any more), but that the mirror is still a copy (things don’t change unless something tell them to change). This is also how removing other cards abilities work (Fairie Dragon / Insurance Agent if their abilities get removed - their runes do nothing)

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How many times can Zane’s max-band ability be used in a single turn? It doesn’t say “once-per-turn” or have a cost. But it seems like it would be broken to allow someone to spam it because Zane could shove the same patroller, dealing 1 damage each time, until he kills them (then repeat for all other patrollers). Can he use it once-per-patroller, once-per-turn, only once (ever) upon levelling to max-band?

Edit: It says “Max Level: Shove a patroller…”, so I think it means that it activates only once at the time when Zane levels up. Is this accurate?

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yes. this is the right interpretation.
The only way to use zane maxb more than once is maxb zane->origin story him (is not dead, so can be resummoned)->summon+max zane->rinse and repeat.
Ofc requires lots of gold and luck


There is another way. Max zane, do his ability, suicide him. Then use the blackhand resurrector.

Or use Nether Drain to lower his level without killing him.

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this would not allow to maxb again during the same turn tho


True, but it is an option. Still, unless a player uses one of these trickshot methods (or the game goes on long enough for a hero to die and reach max level again normally), a Max Level ability only activates once.

I wouldn’t say it’s uncommon for Zane. As a haste hero, he gets summoned pretty often, and his maxband usually activated if you can

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Fair enough. I phrased it that way to make it clear that he needs to reach max level again each time you want to use that ability, rather than something else like once per turn.


The unit will keep copying the thing it’s copying, and it will still be trashed when Quince or the thing it’s copying leaves.

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@sharpobject fair enough that is therefore how the game works. For my own understanding of why that is the game mechanics, is this an exception to make the game work better, or have I missed understood something in my own logic (see my post above)?