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Quince player rambles about Quince matchups (all 20 of them)

This is inspired by @Juushichi 's analysis from a long time ago when he talks about all of Jaina’s matchups. Mine follows a similar format except I assign numbers to them because numbers are nice. Feel free to discuss and let me know if there’s anything I need to add!

VS :grave: (6-4): This matchup is pretty comfortable for Quince. Two tools that Quince has to worry about are his J early game and TPOS being hit confirmable. Don’t let Grave get too much mileage from his J and when knocked down make sure to have an answer to his mixup normals (or block correctly) when he has TPOS.

Otherwise Quince can do a lot and is comfortable blocking for a big hand to start his scary mixups. Grave has efficient damage off of throws but low max damage (21 with two Ks) so he can’t do a whole lot to stop Quince from building. Quince K spin is really scary for Grave since he only has two ranks of throws to beat it and a combat win vs honest K spin doesn’t lead to much damage. Grave with a big hand is not as scary as Quince with a big hand. Finally Grave’s most valuable ability is on his fastest throw and his counter is expensive.

VS :jaina: (4-6): Grave’s sister is way more rude to Quince. Jaina has recurring attacks that beats most of Quince’s attacks clean. Jaina has really strong damage conversion out of any combat win with a large hand and there’s not much you can do to stop her from building one. Burning Embers adds up over time and takes advantage of Quince’s reliance of dodge in this matchup to get his mixups started (and to continue them). If he doesn’t dodge, chip damage can also slowly wear down Quince as he builds cards. To add to his troubles, Jaina has three ranks of throws to beat K spin AND her ability Unstable Power allows her to get out of your spins for free provided she takes 7 damage and gives up one 7 throw. Even worse, if she throws your K spin during an UP turn she gets two aces.

Quince’s only saving grace in the matchup is that Jaina only has four ranks of blocks and damaging throws so she can find herself lacking options outside of attack and dodge. She also has effectively 70~ HP depending on how much she buys back.

VS :midori: (5.5-4.5): This matchup is very interesting as both sides usually gain strong reward from a correct read. When Midori enters dragon form, he can punish Quince’s spins heavily on a correct read (dragon block for J spin, dQ for Q spin, and dK/FDB for K spin) but in human form he is not very threatening.

3 normal is important to leverage in the matchup because Midori normals will undercut yours at .2 speed. Normal dodges are low value in this matchup but your face cards are invaluable for dodging Midori’s dragon attacks. Only three characters have the privilege of being able to dodge Midori’s dragon attacks but this makes Quince’s dodges more expensive because Midori can still Glimpse and beat your regular dodges out of DF. Patriot Mirror turns are costly if you do not get a successful combat win.

Q throw is an important tool in this matchup as Quince can convert any combat win into a throw and take Midori out of DF. Midori cannot K throw or FDB you with impunity and be confident in not losing DF.

VS :setsuki: (5.5-4.5): This matchup is determined a lot by the early game. Setsuki can possibly vortex Quince to death with SOTF from the first turn and prevent him from doing much. The worst possible scenario for Quince is if she is able to recur her 7 throw and her best attack options with bag of tricks to completely dominate the neutral. However if Quince gets successful blocks off and builds a large hand he becomes extremely dangerous for Setsuki to deal with.

His efficient damage can shave off chunks of her life on each successful combat win. Quince is rewarded heavily on guessing what Setsuki will do to try and dump her hand since he often has every given combat option in his hand. K Spin can force Setsuki to give up her powerful bag of tricks ability on her 7 and stop her from recurring her best options. She has counters for your 2 but they are expensive and neuters her damage for that turn (however don’t let her dump hand this way!). Quince has a lot of access to KD so take advantage of this to make her SOTF turns weaker since she cannot dodge into a full combo. Finally she has only four ranks of blocks so patriot mirror is very good in this matchup off of dodge or a throw read.

VS :rook: (5-5): Being a grappler, you cannot use K spin for guaranteed combat wins against Rook like you can in other matchups. However Rook has low max damage from any given combat win (except for CMB) so that makes your spins stronger overall. Rook has 100 HP so eventually Quince will usually run out of resources to continue his spin time and you have to play regular neutral more often than normal.

Despite Quince having slow attack speeds, he doesn’t have to worry about Rock Armor with his A and Q. He still has to worry about Rook’s J and Q undercutting Patriot Mirror and leading into respectable damage. J Spin becomes more problematic for standing Rook because he has no dodges. Flagstone taxing block in this situation is really strong since it allows free continuation of your spin time, cards, or both. Rook’s special blocks do provide more protection when he’s KD because Quince can’t chip him to start or continue his mixups but they are discarded on use.

VS :degrey: (5.5-4.5): On the surface it seems like Degrey is a natural counterpick to Quince since he gains greater damage against opponents who love building a large hand size. However Quince actually has a lot of answers to Degrey’s usual tactics.

Troublesome Rhetoric which Degrey likes to use to set up his 7 throw or for mind games is very poor in this matchup when Quince is spinning. Degrey only gains life on combat reveal so you simply can reveal the side of the face card he is not taxing and rotate if needed. Degrey’s 7 throw which normally is oppressive against most characters is less effective against Quince because it’s the only throw that can beat K spin besides his 8. Finally, Quince has access to many KD options which reduces the usefulness of his ace dodge. Just watch for Degrey’s buttons which can undercut some of yours (Pilebunker is 7.0 while Righteous Zeal is 7.2!) and degrammage when he lands a successful hit.

VS :valerie: (4.5-5.5): This matchup which is often advertised as very bad for Quince is really not that bad. Valerie needs to develop a hand before she can commit serious damage which makes her early game not that scary and gives Quince breathing room to build.

Valerie does have Burst of Speed to beat K spin without 7 or 8 but that only gives her one more rank of functional throws (9 throw) or forces her to burn 10 throw and spend 10 for BOS. She can convert a lot of damage with a large hand but if Quince plays defensively her damage off of throw is low without AA or J++. Quince often has to guess and block the crossup correctly when he is KD against Valerie but her only way of KD is her low damage throws which she had to sacrifice her combo potential to get Quince on the ground in the first place.

Switch up your blocks so that she doesn’t open you up for free with her K. Valerie only has 80 HP and is an awkward rushdown character so you can make her bleed with a successful read. Making her scared to throw is how you win the matchup.

VS :geiger: (3.5-6.5): Infamously one of the worst matchups in the game and rightfully so. The only upside for Quince is Geiger’s throws being .8 speed so he can at the very best clash with your 7 throw. Otherwise there is a laundry list on why this mu is terrible.

Geiger has the advantage in the early game. J spiral beats all of Quince’s offensive options besides AA and removes blocks while leaving you KD. His normals also protect his blocks well and net him card draw. Geiger also dominates the late game because of Temporal Distortion and checkmate situations. Throw, Spiral into block, or his K reversal all lead to Quince being KD. Once he activates TD, Quince’s only two options to escape checkmate is to wakeup AA to beat spirals or gold burst. If he has neither, Geiger J or AA leads to free guaranteed damage and often death.

As Quince, you must always have an answer to avoid late game checkmate. And when Geiger activates TD with a large hand, cross your fingers and do your best to guess right and knock him out of it or else all your hard work will be undone no matter what hp total both characters have and how many successful combats you’ve won prior. Such is the nature of touch of death characters.

VS :lum: (5-5): This can be a very turtley matchup as both characters enjoy blocking and benefit from a large hand.

Lum has fast recurring pokes which are annoying to navigate around in particular J attack which can recur on block, 1.4 speed, and often needs to be dodged to get rid of. He can land a straight off of almost any normal though his fastest is only 3.4 and can be sniffed out with Patriot Mirror. Quince AA is a surprisingly good button but still gets beaten clean by Lum’s Q and AA. Lum has a oddly fast 6 throw at 6.4 speed but he still has only two ranks of throws to beat K spin and they don’t knock down which is great for Quince (however he can still knock down from Roll the Dice!).

Lum has a superior late game to yours because he gains guaranteed damage from Poker Flourish and more damage conversion from pumping throws. However if you keep your life total high, Poker Flourish becomes less of a threat and your mixups are effective at any point in the game.

VS :argagarg: (6-4): While Argagarg has tools to poke you out (J, Q, and 2 all being faster than 2.6 speed) and keep Quince at bay plus counters to negate 2 Truths, that’s about all he has going for him in this matchup.

Arg’s passive can be pretty annoying for a lot of the cast. While he has low combo damage on average he does 2 damage every turn provided he is not knocked down. However, Quince was almost built to counter Arg’s kit. Starting at 90 HP, Quince can comfortably block for a large hand and has the life buffer to ignore Hex damage early on. Arg’s throws only do 6 damage and he can only tack on a single combo point after it so he can’t punish you hard either.

Arg’s throws are only .8 speed so he can at best clash your 7 throw. This makes 7/dodge patriot mirror turns practically unbeatable because arg has to invest his fastest throw to at best clash with it. This also means you can play an effective blodge/throw range since you will have access to faster throws more effectively thanks to 2 Truths. Consider powering up for aces in your deck to shuffle it if Arg counters some of your 2s since they are sent to the bottom of your deck and are not discarded. Also feel free to play multiple 2 Truths in one turn if Arg does not have a counter in hand.

Quince has access to plenty of knockdown as well with throws, A, and Q which all can be recurred with 2 Truths. In addition, Quince still gets a mixup on block damage even vs Bubble Shield. This makes it a lot easier to pop BS by guaranteeing a 50/50 with spin or a Patriot Mirror turn; however he cannot deal damage when popping BS so he cannot continue his mixup after that.

Finally Quince at high hand is considerably better than Arg at high hand simply because Arg has poor damage conversion while Quince has continuous mixups provided he has the cards to fuel them.

VS :quince: (5-5): Don’t play this mirror. However if you are forced to do so, then there are some things to keep in mind…

J attack is the fastest practical attack in this matchup. You can take advantage of this in neutral as a poke (beats all attacks and on chip still lets you get a mixup) or on Patriot Mirror turns. J attack/throw is unbeatable outside of J clash, Consent. or gold burst.

Like the Arg matchup, 7 throw/dodge Patriot mirror turns are also unbeatable besides clashing so take advantage of this. K spin vs Quince is less good than in other matchups because he has three ranks of throws that beat it (the opponent Quince can play K throw to clash with yours).

In the case of a Patriot Mirror clash, unless Thelo already fixed this issue the lobby owner has the advantage and the other player has to choose which of the two cards he has to play first. For any other clash resulting in a spin vs spin turn it’s less of a problem since the end result is often dodge/dodge or J spin cleanly beating Q spin.

Edit: Actually there is the problem of Q spin vs K spin where that interaction is highly dependent on who spins first. Gentleman’s agreement is the Quince with lower HP gets to have the opponent spin/play his Pat Mirror card first.

VS :onimaru: (5.5-4.5): Onimaru is a scary character to play against because of his high efficient damage and ability to crush blocks. Thankfully Quince has some answers.

Early game is probably the scariest for Quince because he doesn’t have a large hand to sustain a good spin time (unless he has 2s) so he has to build by blocking and poking out attempted guard crushes. However in mid game, Quince has the advantage and both sides are pretty even in the late game. Patriot Mirror (and J attack) is a very good button in neutral due to Onimaru’s 1.0-3.4 speed hole but Final Authority still trumps all.

Take advantage of your numerous dodges vs Onimaru to avoid his dangerous attacks and you can afford to get hit by some of his throws since they don’t knock you down. It’s always a good idea to keep a high number block so be wary about throwing out Flagstone Tax if 10 is your only high number block in hand. Don’t get too predictable because in the end Oni is still a really strong character with good RPS at high hand and has more damaging throws than Lum who shares a similar weakness of no KD throws.

VS :bbb: (4-6): This is an extremely annoying matchup because Long Range is hard to deal with and get out if BBB has all the tools he needs in his hand. BBB naturally gives characters with slow average attack speeds a hard time (grapplers and Quince falls into this category).

Long Range is almost an inevitability in this matchup so you have to get as much value as you can in the early game before you enter Long Range. Dump your hand and take opportunities to damage BBB whenever you can. Patriot Mirror is decent in close range because it trades or beats favorably with BBB’s attacks besides J and A. Dodging is also good against BBB because only K throw can knock you down, and he can’t take you to long range unless he’s willing to expend one.

At Long Range, the only way you’re getting out is by a hard read or going Block-Block. Quince’s fastest move to get out is AA which beats all of BBB’s face cards but loses clean to any 1.0 normal. Blodging is good since Quince, unlike grapplers, has plentiful dodges but when BBB has K throw Long Range becomes much more troublesome. BBB can “meaty” you when you’re KD but his only odd normal is his 3. If you manage to escape the hell that is Long Range, resume trying to deal as much damage to the robot as you can.

VS :troq: (4.5-5.5): The strongest overall grappler also not surprisingly is the toughest of the grapplers for Quince to fight.

K spin again is weaker in this matchup since Troq has many effective, damaging throws to beat it. He also has 95 HP which is a lot to work through so you have to play a lot of neutral outside of spin time. The good news is that Troq’s damaging attack options are all slow outside of his Aces and you don’t have to worry about Beast Unleashed till he has two blocks attached.

This means you can play an aggressive range when Troq has no blocks attached without much repercussion unless he plays a big normal into a straight. Leverage Pat Mirror and 3 attack to beat normals and 5 and 6 to beat Troq’s K throw. You don’t mind being outsped if he plays J/Q as they both do less than 10 damage and are both enders. Going block-block is better for Quince since he benefits more from high hand than Troq.

The main annoying thing about this matchup is Troq’s 10 ability which lets him get out of spin time for free if he follows up with a fast face card. However you still do get card draw out of it and you can still continue your mixup if you punish disrespectful plays like an attempted crossup.

VS :menelker: (4.5-5.5): Menelker has some scary tools to punish Quince from building plus decent speeds and a lot of damage. However he only has 70 HP, and he still needs to do some building himself to get good damage conversion.

You are generally not going to outspeed most of Menelker’s attacks in neutral unless he’s playing a normal slower than 2, but you still need to poke out his throw attempts especially if bonecracker (the fastest throw in matchup besides DSD) will wreck your hand. Menelker is content to go block-block with you because like Valerie he needs to build a hand to threaten serious damage, but unlike Valerie he has a deadly 55 damage throw super which can’t be blue bursted. Therefore Menelker will have the upper hand late game if his life total remains healthy and can threaten Quince with a mixup of K starter into huge combo damage, DSD, or dodge into DSD. Don’t let Menelker get too comfortable blocking and do some serious damage to him before he reaches the dangerous late game state.

Finally keep in mind that Menelker has 10 to banish your best options in your discard from recurring and in your deck. Power up for As from discard on the same turn you play them to prevent them from being banished. Keep track of what options you have left if some get removed from play such as your 2s.

VS :persephone: (4.5-5.5): Persephone suffers the same weakness of low HP like Menelker despite scary tools versus Quince. This matchup overall is swingy because it’s not hard for one side to put the other into a vortex into death.

Quince’s fastest attack options in neutral are good at least for early/mid game. J and A both undercut Mistresses’ Command and her slow 4.0 J which Persephone likes to play to get KD without access to AA. This makes 2 attack a good button for Persephone for a straight or to confirm into AA so keep that in mind. Letting Persephone throw you early on is not so bad when she has little in her discard but that changes when she can recur more cards. Getting hit by MC is way worse early game or when you have a small hand.

You win block-block because Quince at high hand = more damage conversion and more spin time. Persephone has poor damage conversion outside of AA and J ender which doesn’t lead to knockdown. Stuffing throw attempts to stop you from building is huge payoff for Quince and starts your advantage time.

Trouble begins when you’re KD and Persephone has AA in hand. 2 attack is 100% safe for Persephone to play unless you have an AA of your own. The mixup is always crossup normal, throw, dodge (rare since Quince has poor wakeup) into KD, or even raw AA if she knows you have Consent. Guess correctly and save your hidden AAs for when you’re on the ground.

Finally, let Persephone counter your 10s every time but almost always pay life for your 2 ability since it is just too valuable to pass up. Since her counter is recurrable, you can try baiting out her counter with 10 before playing 2 Truths. When you Flagstone Tax, beware if Bare Your Soul is active because she can choose what cards you draw or simply send them to discard.

VS :gloria: (5-5): This matchup is pretty swingy and draw dependent on Gloria’s side early game which shapes how the rest of the match goes.

Quince has access to a lot of KD which Gloria hates because she won’t be able to heal and it breaks her Healing Spheres which is her main draw engine besides Overdose. He can also combo into Q throw to break spheres if needed. Patriot Mirror beats and trades favorably with all her normals clean but loses to her fast face cards. Finally, Gloria throws being only .8 speed makes her soft to the notorious 7 throw/dodge Patriot Mirror mixup because she can at best only clash with it. Neutral can feel very fair vs Gloria which is rare for a Quince matchup HOWEVER depending on her early game hand it can get a lot harder.

If Gloria has access to hearts of any of the following: 7, K, J, and Q then it becomes a real pain for Quince because she can recur them. Gloria J overall is very strong vs Quince since if it’s not blocked it returns to her hand and dominates the neutral. but J of Hearts can recur even on block as long as Gloria is willing to spend the cards to heal up and grab it back from discard. Q being 1.0 undercuts even Consent and is an extra rank of throw to beat K spin. K is 2.2 and knocks Quince down. Finally, 7 of hearts means Gloria can easily always have dominant throw even if it’s only 7.8 speed. You can recur your 7s with Two Truths, but all Gloria needs is two non heart cards.

VS :gwen: (4.5-5.5): While Quince has a slightly advantaged matchup vs Setsuki, the other all-out rushdown character is slightly advantaged against Quince.

The upside is that Gwen has a lower effective life total than 85 thanks to her passive and Quince’s spin time especially with J spin being good at taking up turns. In addition while Setsuki doesn’t necessarily have to go offensive all the time, Gwen can get a little more predictable on when she wants to attack/throw because she is on a timer.

Gwen has some interesting anti-Quince tools that make the matchup annoying for him. She has three ranks of throws to beat K spin if you include her AAA super which is easy to assemble. J starter is unjokerable, can only be outsped by A and J, and does a lot of chip damage. 10 block negates chip and recurs unlike Rook special blocks so you can’t start or continue your mixups when you attack into it. Finally, both of her passives are good vs Quince. Her ease of getting Jokers more than any other character due to her card draw gives her easy outs to your mixups. Relentless Strikes is weaker than Geiger’s Time Stop but still destroys your blocks and deals decent damage.

VS :vendetta: (4-6): This is a matchup not many people talk about because Geiger-Quince overshadows it but nevertheless it is one of Quince’s toughest matchups.

Where to begin? First of all, Vendetta has his infamous 2 poke which smothers slow characters like Quince and nets him normal draw. The only way to get rid of it is to play Consent or dodge, both of which loses to Vendetta just blodging. A good Vendetta will always make this a menace and not be too predictable when mashing it. Vendetta without 2 is significantly easier to deal thanks to his awkward attack speeds but you have to identify when he doesn’t and punish him for it.

Vendetta has strong damage conversion off of throw thanks to J, AA, and his special throw Kidney Shot at one combo point. Though his 8 is a valuable ability he still has three ranks of throw to beat K spin and punish you heavily. Speaking of his 8 ability, Acrobatics is one of the few abilities that ends Quince mixups immediately when played as long as he also has a dodge. If you consider Ven has four of these + two jokers in deck, this makes Vendetta extremely difficult to get anything good started against him.

Finally Vendetta has really strong advantage time when Quince is KD, and with 7 ender and K throw it’s very easy to get KD. Quince has no answer to K attack when he is KD which forces him to block. That leaves him open to crossup by 2 attack (practically unbeatable besides Consent), odd normal, or just K throw to knock you down again.

The only upsides are that Vendetta can simply have Ven hands with none or only a couple of his tools available, in addition to only having 75 HP. This is effectively much higher if he has Acro and jokers.

VS :zane: (4-6): The often memed 5-5 matchup, it’s actually pretty bad for Quince outside of a couple of advantages.

Good news before bad news. Quince has the expensive yet easy to obtain unblockable if he builds a decent sized hand. Zane is the only character in the game that Quince can get a guaranteed combat win at any stage of the game while he’s KD by playing odd normal/dodge (no I’m not including throw/gold burst pat mirror turns). Flagstone Taxing attack gets a lot of mileage on those turns since you can make dodges pay for itself or get higher damage from a combat win with attack + normal draw. Patriot Mirror clashes favorably with Zane’s Crash Bomb and J since both stand up and you still get your mixup.

Now for the bad news. Thanks to Shenanigans, Zane has extremely strong damage conversion from any combat win including free dodges to avoid Patriot Mirror if he doesn’t have a 2 to undercut it. He’s really good at RPS and can start rolling over Quince from turn 1 before he gets anything started. Zane has three ranks of throws to beat K spin and two that beat Quince’s 7 throw, and considering each throw leads to a full combo and KD with J they are also damaging. Quince is pretty vulnerable when KD but even more so against Zane because Meaty Attacks are unbeatable while other characters have DP or armor moves to beat it. Quince just has to gold burst or guess the correct block, and if he guesses wrong Zane gets an efficiently highly damaging combo into potential KD again. Zane has three ranks of odd vs two ranks of even normals, while Quince only has two ranks of odd blocks vs four ranks of even blocks. Even if Zane guesses wrong, he gains normal draw. He can also play disrespectful and throw Quince which beats all his blocks. It is a safe, effortless, low risk high reward mixup that can lead to a lot of damage and it’s not uncommon for Zane to run over Quince in this manner with repeated KDs before he even gets to play, or bring him to such a low life total in a few combos that a comeback for Quince would be difficult.


hey mate, I have a super odd quince interaction to share. Idk if it’s a bug or can really happen. Basically i was facing a yomibot quince, he PM and reveals 2 cards dodge and consent. The bot was able to pick dodge (i revealed a reversal) and discard only 1 A for consent, using the second one as dodge follow up. Any idea?


That is probably not intended, but the way the relevant rules are worded I think it’s the correct interaction. The second combat card is just discarded so requirements to actually play a move that doesn’t get picked don’t need to be met.


that makes consent much more interesting as a pat m reveal, imo


Yeah I need to test it as I play consent during pat mirror turns so infrequently. But I believe that is the correct interaction. Patriot Mirror’s ability is to choose one card to use and discard the other. If you choose to play Consent, then you discard one more ace.


That’s…odd and unexpected. :open_mouth: Given what Sirlin has said in the past I suppose you would need to have the second Ace but there’s nothing I can see that would force you to reveal it. Intriguing.

Side note, I think you overstate the difficulty of the matchup against Jaina. I’ll see if I can’t wrangle together some thoughts about it later.


you need to have 2 As, but when you reveal the first, if you choose the other option you don’t have to discard the second. That’s what surprised me. Imagine a TPOS were u can abort and drop only 1 ace instead of 3 XD would be a dream


Yeah, Quince with TPoS would be ridiculous. :laughing:

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This is next level tech!!!


Let me know what you think about that matchup! I’ve played some of both sides and I will say that Jaina is basically more consistent Vendetta in terms of poking only because he is so reliant on 2. Jaina has chip + embers to punish Quince more for playing defensively without throwing but Vendetta has the better KD game and avoiding spins with acrobatics.

That being said I think Vendetta is ever so slightly worse for Quince than Jaina


Any chance someone can link me to @Juushichi post about Jaina ? searching his post for jaina return me only 3 thread


I copied it over from the old forums, so it shows up under my name. If you go to the Yomi category, and open the pinned thread called collected resources, or something like that, you’ll find all the collected guides on characters and stuff.

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Wow, I got DP’d.

(imagine if the internet allowed me to put a cool SF2 gif of Ryu beating Ken with a shoryuken here, but alas such a technological feat is impossible)


Some of my Jaina thoughts!

Jaina can checkmate many characters and Quince is particularly vulnerable because of how reliant he is on dodging. Because of this, I often think the most important part of this matchup is the very beginning. Quince can be a bit more flexible here and soak up some damage, especially if Jaina is buying cards back. If she’s not, then Quince is building hand while she isn’t. Quince needs to play patiently and calmly. Don’t dodge too often, block more than you think you should so that you have lots of fuel. You need to tempt Jaina into playing slow J or throwing you so that you punch that out with a 3/A/J and begin spin.

Positive Spin + Unstable Power

Jaina is reasonably going to play a normal (2-5) or a 6 (another normal, yes, but with a THROW). Normals 2-5 are defeated by K-spin if the K is dodge forward. 6 basically just wins for being a faster throw. There’s no especial benefit to it unless Jaina was CONFIDENT that Quince was going to reveal a Queen, which reminds me, DON’T DO THAT FOR THIS VERY REASON. Unstable Power just intensifies this mixup, but doesn’t actually disarm it.

Jaina’s gonna use normals 2-6 again. 2-5 guarantee her freedom from spin at the cost of 7 life. 6 is fantastic because it covers both sides of the mixup, but also incentivizes the slightly less common Quince tactic of, “Hit them with a slightly faster truck!” Overall, I would avoid using Q-Spin against Jaina unless you feel like you’ve got a helluva read and probably not even then.

This one is similar to Q but with far less risk on Quince’s side. You’re each giving the other a taste of their own medicine!

Positive Spin, Unstable Power, and KD
Q- and J-spin are fine against Jaina while she’s knocked down because now she can’t threaten dodge which really disarms Unstable Power as a mixup. It’s still risky with the Q because Jaina can burn down your entire family tree but sometimes it’s fun to throw it in anyway!

Overall, Jaina does a fair amount of damage to herself through buy-backs and using Unstable Power to escape Positive Spin that you can really capitalize on her functionally much lower life and destroy her with your slow but meaty fists. That said, if Jaina gets the lifelead, you’ll have a helluva time wrenching it away from her unless Jaina plays impulsively. Quince and Jaina can punish each other significantly but Jaina has the edge there, if only because she can buy her stuff back.

I think I would lean towards this MU being 5.5/4.5 for Jaina rather than a 6/4.


Thanks for your analysis !
This game is so deep. If you stare into Yomi, Yomi stares back at you.

I used to loose 3-7 when playing against my ex GF’s Persephone but maybe I played the MU wrong. She almost didn’t use Mistress Command but her KD loops with On Your Knees were frightening. Maybe she got good at guessing me in particular too…


It is possible she just has the read on you! Persephone’s mixups feel suffocating for every character when she keeps being right. Quince just has a lot of life and a lot of options so it’s not so bad, it doesn’t feel like Persephone ever locks you out like she can vs some characters


I was definitely scarred when I first played Quince against Persephone because Bare Your Soul managed to remove like 7 face cards and one or two 2 Truths. Needless to say, I didn’t win that particular match. :open_mouth: