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[PS] Forum Quick Matches - Sign Ups Always Open!

I’ve been running this format for the Yomi crew over in that subforum, and have the tools needed to make it easy to run it for PS as well. I’ll start running things once we have critical mass over here.

Forum Quick Match


  1. Be able to sign up for ongoing weekly matches, without committing to any particular period of games.
  2. Get matched with other players of similar ability.
  3. Play against new and interesting opponents.
  4. Proudly display your forum rank!

These will be subject to change as we figure out how everything works best, but to start:

  1. Games will be Best of 5 (first to 3 wins)
  2. Standard counterpick from the full cast
  3. Matches will be played on a weekly basis.
    1. Any match where the players can’t find a common schedule will be no-fault, and no one will gain or lose ranking.
    2. Any match with a no-show will be forfeited by the player who didn’t show.
  4. Match pairings will be generated by the organizer
    • As of this writing, the following will be considered in order when pairing
      1. Number of consecutive wins
      2. Current league
      3. Preferred play times
  5. Current rankings will be reported to the thread at the end of every week.

You’re going to have to add some rules about how the bank works, and whether character selection is before or after the bank is determined, I think. I think there was a bunch of content on the old forums about the “standard” (?) way of doing things, but I wasn’t particularly plugged into the PS community.

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Unless someone tells me otherwise, I’m going to assume that this should be the way it runs:

That is from

EDIT: I’ll admit, I don’t know how amenable the online client is to that format.


The online Puzzle Strike client enforces that ruleset, interestingly enough. Anyway, I’m signing up as promised! :slight_smile:

Edit: Suppose I should note that I’m in EDT (UTC -4).

I believe Juicer was talking about whether the bank is randomised before or after players pick characters, or if the bank is set week to week.
Since the bank generally informs which characters are viable, when picking characters before the bank, there was much less character variety, because it was far safer to pick one of the three best characters, who are viable in almost every bank.

Ah, I understand.

Honestly, I’m open to suggestions, but it seems like bank first, then blind-picking characters makes the most sense.

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Generally I agree. That wasn’t the official sirlin rules, as far as I know.

I’ll sign up also! Please add me on steam to play more PS!

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I’ll sign up, too! Let’s revive PS, somehow! :smiley_cat:


Yeah alright I’ll go.

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So that’s 4 of you. I’m happy to run it as is, but there won’t be much opponent variety yet.

I’ll sign up.

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I’m game. West Coast Canada here so Pacific (UTC -7).


I’m going to kick this off as soon as I update my management scripts to handle more than one ranked forum thread at a time. :smile:


@Feebs, I’m signing you up here as well.

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Week 1 standings

Bronze League (0+ :star:)

Player Points Active
Bomber678 :psfist:
Feebs :psfist:
Hobusu :psfist:
Proven :psfist:
Skiff :psfist:
ZenDog :psfist:
variable :psfist:

Week 1 matches

Skiff ────┐
variable ─┘
Feebs ─────┐
Bomber678 ─┘
ZenDog ─┐
Proven ─┘

So, this is a bit awkward… I’m going to be very busy this week, and while I did remember to let you know that I’d need time off from Yomi QM because of that, I didn’t think to do the same for the Puzzle Strike QM (probably because it hadn’t started yet).

If at all possible, I’d like to allow variable the chance to take my place for this week. If not I’ll do my best to squeeze this week’s match in, but I’d rather not do that if I don’t have to.

Oh, yeah, I should have thought of that. I’ll sub in variable


@ZenDog, I’m US East Coast (currently EDT) and have a weird schedule. It’s easiest for me to do some time from 8-12am Monday-Thursday, but I can get some mornings available on Monday/Wednesday or the weekends. I’ll figure the World Time Buddy thing tomorrow, but wanted to start the conversation earlier than later.

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Right on. I’m unavailable 8am-12pm Mon-Friday lol. Early afternoons or weekends would be doable. I hope we can get a time that works for both of us, looking forward to trying some more PS!