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Properly Evaluating Forecast

I enjoy playing mono-purple quite a bit, but I find it difficult to evaluate the strength of units with forecast. Whenever I go down that route, I wish there was a card that took a time rune off every forcasted unit, because I feel like that would provide some serious value. Playing a spell to remove a time rune feels incredibly inefficient.

For the starting deck, I always prioritize Tinkerer for time rune removal. If I can have him live to use his ability twice, I’m stoked. Then I add Seers, since they’re fine, cheap blockers and start doing real work if you have Battle Suits.

My major problem with forecast is that it gives you opponent time to react and find an answer. So even if you gets some strong units in earlier than anticipated, their relatively superior strength is mitigated by a potential answer.

And what of Temporal Research? When isn’t that thing a dead card?

How do you play with forecast to gain teh valuez? I’m struggling to see the benefits.

Well firstly, temporal research is very useful for getting back the cards you go down on while playing forecast.
Secondly, having Geiger Now! Something after you remove it’s last time rune unexpectedly can let you surprise some opponents greatly.
Thirdly, there aren’t many things with forecast, and they’re all good for different things. Work out which one you need, and complement them with some non forecast things.


well, summon prynn, TR and u get 2 cards. summon KotC and get 2 cards. Getting 3 is rlly hard, unless u play 2 omega. but definetly is NOT a dead card.

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Plasmodium is either a p1t1 play or a worker. Reaver and Double Time are properly evaluated as never-tech these cards.

That just leavez KotC, Omegacron and Vir’s token as cards needing evaluation. As always, the answer for Codex is “it depends”, each is situational.

To play Temporal Research you want both Past and Future on your team, and you want your tech choices to focus on the insanely cheap so you can spae the gold to cast Research and still have a shot at playing extra cards drawn (or just cycled faster).If you are trying to get value out of Temporal Research you’ll have to worker the more expensive starter cards and potentially some of the Startwr’s non time rune workhorses.

I’d look at this thread (where Marto is experimenting with teching 2xKotC on turn 2) to see high-level play with Forecast: Casual: Marto (monopurple) vs. EricF ([Balance/Feral]/Present)

As for Temporal Research, it’s a huge card in the second game in that thread, with Marto casting it 3 times in a 6 turn game (on T3 for 3 cards, T5 for 2 cards, and T6 for 3 cards)

My personal experiences with Tinkerer are that it’s generally better as a worker. I very rarely find myself in a position where it’s better for it’s ability than as a combat unit, and a 1/2 for 2 is not great (especially when purple starter has so many other really strong units!).

In my opinion, Plasmodium is still a great card past T1 if you’re teching Seers. If you don’t have Seers, then it’s a lot worse. I’ve found Double Time to also be game-changing, in my opinion it’s one of the strongest ultimates, often because it allows you to set up another uncontested ultimate or T3 play, both of which have a decisive effect on the game. In my experience, Double Time gives my opponent a 3 turn clock - if they can’t win before it triggers, they will probably lose. Of course, time rune shenanigans means it’s usually less than a 3 turn clock…

I’ve never teched Reaver, so I can’t comment on that.

I want to second everyone’s comments on temporal research + kotc + seers. A plasmodium + 2 kotc or 2 kotc + prynn gives you the 3 card draw from temporal research which is usually enough to get your seers out. Or an Omegacron. Temporal Research can even make playing Sentry worth it.

I have never ever managed to pull off Reaver. I have gotten really close a few times though. It definitely gets an opponent’s attention though.

Remember that forecasted units are immune to everything. You can strategically time their use with board clear effects like Prynns ultimate.


Immune to everything except Blue mirroring your Tinkerer to put runes back on to your Plasmodium, thus screwing up your whole opening :disappointed:


Didn’t you end up winning that game anyway?

God, I can’t remember, but I don’t think so? Maybe I’m confusing it with another vs. Mono-Blue game, though. I’ve had so many games go so long lately they’ve started to become a jumbled mess.

This sounds amazing <3

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Haha I remember this one :blush:
That was a very fun game indeed !