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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent

That’s perfectly fine by me.

Mono Black looking for match.

First Play by Forum Game. Relatively new to game, but I think I know the rules relatively well. Played a couple games against a friend.


@DarthMorgoth I’ll play you as Mono White if you want.

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Sounds good to me. I rolled a 3 for determining who goes first.

I’m looking for a game on Necro/Truth/Balance to see if I wanna play that for CAWS, anyone wanna play a casual?

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I also want to get in some practice to test if I want to stick with [Balance/Growth]/Strength before the tourney, but I’ll be at reduced posting capacity until this Friday. Happy to pair up with multiple opponents simultaneously from Friday going forward, though.

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I, too, have a crammed ass week and won’t be able to take much this week, as well as plan to play it slow over the holidays. I can start a thread and no rush on taking turns

Looking to try out [Past]/Discipline/Blood if anyone’s interested. Rnd 27.

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I’m in! Rolled an 84, will open a thread shortly.

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Looking to give [Necromancy]/Present/Blood another try. Rnd 75.

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I can go until the next round starts. I will use the current tourney deck. I rolled 75… Guess I will go first. :slight_smile:

Looking to give [Necromancy]/Present/Past a try. Rnd 29.