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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent

Anyone up for a game? I’ll play [Finesse]/Balance/Feral, rn 46

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I’m willing to play with [Bashing]/Fire/Peace. I got a 73.

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Looking to try a warm up game for the tournament (so on the slightly modified rules), using nightmare deck. Anyone interested?

Yes please! Nightmare has taken soo many tourney lives from me in the past - I’m interested to see what difference the changes make

If you havent started a thread in the next few hours I will when i get a moment, happy to do a pair of each of us going first so go ahead and go first if you beat me to it

Anybody want to play with random decks? I got [Strength]/Anarchy/Past, rn: 75

(I’m also fine with playing against a non-random deck)

Random 82! I drew [Demonology/Necromancy]/Law, which seems a little too strong for my tastes :smiley: I’ve drawn again to [Balance]/Fire/Truth. You start, I’m away tomorrow.

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Anyone up for casual match? I want to play mono blue, don’t mind at all what i’m against!
Random 43

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@dwarddd If you don’t have takers, I wouldn’t mind taking up another game. I drew another random codex and got different specs of the same colors: [Discipline]/Fire/Future. Random 5

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I want to test [Fire]/Balance/Truth, rolled a 43. Anyone interested?

I would be really interested in playing a 2vs2 with Zango on TS. Ideal starting time would be around 21 CEST. I think it would be great fun. Two player open for that challenge?

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I’m still looking for an opponent for a pbf match as well. In case the deck choice was a hinderance, I also have other decks I want to test…

Would be happy for games around that time on TS. I don’t have a second player to play unfortuneatly, but wouldn’t mind 1v1s or FFAs. I’m not free til mid next week (family commitments and moving house) but would be up for it then.

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Great! Yes we can start with a 1vs1. In the evenings when my kids are sleeping I am quite flexible, just suggest a day when you are ready.

Anyone ideas where to find one more player? Discord?

The sirlin games discord might not be a bad shout, will let you know a day when I know how the move is going.

I wanna play more of the “rebalance” Miracle Grow, I’m a little sad we don’t have it represented in the current tourney and I suspect we really didn’t nerf it hard enough. @zango you still looking for a PbF game? Anyone else welcome as well!

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Only if you are willing to play against like 80-90% of my brain capacity. It still usually takes hours for me to calculate things properly through for each turn and with life going on and the current tournament I’m not willing to do this properly for a casual match.

Hence I suggest you to look for somebody else first, but if no one jumps in and if it doesn’t bother you to have to expect subpar turns every now and then on my side, I’m in (but then I probably should go for a more competitive codex)

Ah whatever, with charnel_mouse on vacation and the next round probably not starting too soon, I’m in!
I’ll start with daymare. Do you prefer to start as P1 or P2?
In case you prefer me to play something different for playtesting reasons, let me know!

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Go Ahead and start us!

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Hi, i’m looking to play my first forum game. I have taken a look at some examples of games but still not 100% sure what the easiest way to input everything is. I downloaded the spreadsheet with all the cards. I’m assuming i can only play with whatever physical version i have as well. Are games played all at once or can they span days for example? Thanks for the help

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they usually span days, you can play whatever you want, I think most people use this site for reference to cards:

The spreadsheet is pretty good but can be tricky, usually not hard to track things between the spreadsheet and previous forum posts in your game.