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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent

Looking for a match - Random 24 / 100 - feel free to check the Deck details, but keeping it hidden in case someone wants to do double-blind.


Mono Purple

I’ll play you with monogreen. I got 11, so you go first.

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Looking to play [Demonology/Necromancy]/Blood, random 23.

I’ll play against you, [Necro]/Truth/Finesse, random 36.

I’m creating the topic !

I wanna give [Past]/Peace/Anarchy a try, random 80.

I’ll take you on. Playing mono-Blue. Roll: 32, so you start the thread.

I’m monogreen, my random is thirty three.
My sick rhymes gonna bust ya, go play with me.

I’ll play. Rolled a 1, haha

Mono Purple

New player (just got my deluxe set, but havent played IRL yet).
Looking to play as mono-white against whatever.
random 10/100

Looking to play someone - I know the rules, but still learning the matchups/game flow in general. Will be playing the first deck for testing, unless you’d rather face the second deck. Haven’t played by forum yet, so this’ll be interesting.

  • [Demonology]/Strength/Truth
  • [Anarchy]/Blood/Bashing number = 57

Edit: I should specify that my responses will be limited during the hours of 9AM-5PM PST (working). Otherwise, I’ll make posts when available.

I’ll play you Momi, I don’t mind which deck you use.
You won the roll so go ahead and start the thread.

Created; sorry about the delay, was checking a few things.

It’s up, and I’m done with my T1.

Looking for a game. Monoblue. I’d prefer to play against monocolor. Random: 4.

Will play you as monowhite. Rnd=8, so I’ll set up the thread.

Looking for a match - random 39 / 100 - feel free to check my deck details beforehand, leaving it hidden in case someone wants to do doubleblind.


Mono White

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Monogreen, random 99. I’ll take you on @Request. I’ll start the thread.

I’d love to try this out. New player - though played 3 games in person last night but never on forum.

I’ll go Mono Green.

Warning - I am in GMT+10 timezone (Australia) so expect some delay.

I’ll play you as mono Red. I don’t mind the time delay – I like to take some time to think between turns anyway.

I think people around here usually compare numbers to see who’s going first, but I can equivalently just say that if gives me above 50, I’m going first . . . and I got 37, so you are.

I’ve started a thread here: Casual: wozzit (Mono Green) vs Drakona (Mono Red)

Looking to play as monoblack vs any.

random # 23

I’ll play as Mono Purple - random 40/100 - i can post the thread shortly