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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent

I’ll play a casual match with you. Which color would you like me to play? If no preference I’ll roll d6.

Random 37, so I will make a thread.

How about green? Looking forward to it!

Looking for a casual game. Haven’t played since I played the starter PnP months ago. MonoGreen 31, would prefer to play against monocolor.

Hi, I am new to playing the game and just got my codex sets. Am interested in a match, have mono-blue. Random. org gave me… 1.

Hi! I’ll try to wrap my head arount MonoPurple.
Random 12, you are starting!

I’ll play you with mono-green. Just don’t copy all my cool stuff…

I randomed 65, so I’ll make the thread.

what he meant to say was definitely copy all his cool stuff.


Looking to play a game as MonoGreen, I random 71

I’ll play white against your green @PointyFinger, randomed 36 so go ahead and start!

Looking for a match, but with a twist. I’d like to use one of the map cards. I will use Monoblack, you are welcome to use any deck, and the map card will be determined randomly (1 in 12) after deck declaration.

Map cards listed here for convenience.

My is 72/100

This sounds like fun. I’ll play Monogreen.

Play Roll: 45 (you go first)

Map Roll: 7

MYSTICAL FOREST: Whenever you would ready a unit or hero during your turn, you may put a +1/+1 rune on it instead.



Anybody want to play against mono purple? I rolled 48.

Looking to play a game with Mono Green vs Mono Red (don’t care which one I am). I’ve played the starter set and looked through the Core Set cards. Random 100 is 98.

I’ll take Green @Chronopolize, you go ahead and go first!

Sure thing @raulendymion, pick a deck for me and start a thread!

Looking for a match. I’ll play mono-purple.

Random 12 / 100

Hello, [Necro]/Future/Peace random 45 / 100 if you’d like to play

Sure thing. You rolled higher, so you can go first. Start a thread, tag me, and we can start playing.

I’ve never pbp before, and I’ve only played codex a couple of times IRL, but I’m down for a game. Mono Black, 10 / 100

Just getting started on PBF as well. I’m down for a game if you are - (mono blue) random 56 / 100