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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent

@EricF I’ll play you. You get [Growth]/Discipline/Past. I’ll play mono-black.

Looking to play my first pbf game to try it out. I would like to just play the starter set as Finesse. Randomed 80 on 1-100.

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Sure, I can give you a Bashing. I rolled 85, so I’ll open a thread

Hey all !

I’m not yet used to the board, but if someone is up for a game or series, they’re most welcome !
I’ll play Strength/Discipline/Finesse, random 64 on 1-100

Hey Marto, I’d love to play you with Mono-Purple. My Random is “2”, so feel free to make a thread.

I’m new to both the forums and the game, would like to try playing monogreen against someone. Random 37 on 1-100.

I’ll play against you with monored. I rolled 82, so I’ll go first.

@Mooseknuckles are you going to start our game soon?

I’m looking for a PBF game in case anyone is interested.

I’ll play a match. You can pick my spec and go first :smiley:


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Play whatever spec you want!

I’ll be playing Demonology/Finesse/Necromancy, using the Black starter.

All right, I’m in! This will be my first game against a resisting opponent who has (presumably) played before! I’m excited!

I’d like to play mono Red, against someone playing anything from core set (Red + Green + Neutrals). gave me 26 on a roll between 0 and 100.

Hey @Drakona ,

I’ll play you with Fire/Bashing/Balance and the Green Starter if that’s ok. My random is 59, so I’ll start the thread.

Oh this sounds awesome! Let’s go!

MonoRed, Random’d 96, I’ll make a thread

I am looking to get a second game going.

MonoRed again, I random 69.

I am available to post moves throughout the day tomorrow so anyone who can get the game played by the end of tomorrow please join!

Guess I better learn to use this new forum software.
I’ll take my silly homebrew, [Balance]/Peace/Law
I’ll just roll my percent dice… a huge 16.

I’ll play, Monored. I’ve no idea how to use the forum stuffs though. Randomed a 15.

[Anarchy]/Strength/Growth looking for a casual game, random=58

I’ll give you a fight with Mono-White. = 42, so starting the thread is up to you @petE

I’d like to try a game with Mono Black. Pretty new, so looking for a casual game. My random number is 10.

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