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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent

Heya, I think I could do with a second PbF game.

I would like to try [Feral]/Blood/Law - that sounded fun when I read about it. I rolled a 75.

@Eijolend I’ll play against you with [Necro]/Blood/Anarchy. I rolled 2, so you’re up.

Looking for a casual as [Discipline]/Necro/Blood, rnd=67

@petE I’ll play you as monoblack, if you don’t mind playing someone who is relatively a newb. My # is 34 so you’re up (if you want).

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Looking for a game as [discipline]/law/past 53

@Penatronic I’ll play you as [Demonz]/Necro/Blood, rnd=31

I’m looking for a game as [Finesse]/Disease/Discipline and I rolled a 53.

Sword lab.dec

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Yes, that is one possible thing to do with that spec combination, however, it’s quite difficult to get the timing of it to work out.

Less about timing, and more about how you are probably already winning.


If you search I’ve played a whole slew of discipline/disease/growth/Finesse/strength combos with disease t2 as the focus.

I’ll play. Never played on forum before. Monored, randomed a 4.


I would like to try the black vs blue monocolor matchup using map cards. I can play either side and there are 12 map cards. I am curious if any of the various map cards strongly favor blue instead of the current black dominating blue dynamic.


I’d like to start another casual thread to try out all sorts of decks I haven’t played and that may not be good. Inviting anyone who either wants to try wacky things or is equally inexperienced and curious to message me so we can start a thread.

I’d like to play. I enjoy Monored. I also don’t know how to win against Monored. So if you would like to play either with or against Monored, I’d be happy to join.

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I could handle another opponent for a casual game, as long as they’re ok with me prioritizing the tournament game.

I want to go back to my roots and play Mono Green - I rolled a 23.

Sure, Eijolend, no problem if things run a little slow. I’ll go Mono Black. Rolled a 96, so I’m REALLY going first.

I am looking for a game, Feral/Present/Anarchy

Rando Calrissian 77

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Hi, mate!

I would like to play with you.

My codex is Blood/Anarch/Feral
My random number is 83. So I go first.
Will create a topic soon.

Looking for a game as finesse peace disease 52