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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent

I’ll play you as demon/future/truth. mt number is 12, so you can go ahead and start.

I’m looking for a casual game to try [Discipline]/Past/Disease. Random 22.

I’m up for a game with Anarchy/blood/feral
My random is 28

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I’m looking for a casual game to try [Anarchy]/Growth/Past. Random 51.

I would like to play monogreen. rng gives me 5

Looking for a casual game as mono-Black, rnd=37

I’ll be happy to play you as mono-purple if you want. I got 75, so should I go first or do I choose?

Usual I think is that you go first

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Random gives me Balance/Discipline/Peace and 92.
Seems pretty strong. Does anybody want to call it?

I will take a try with Necro/Blood/Truth, you go first.

Looking for a casual game as monoblack, random# = 35

Looking to expand my experiences beyond real life and get more game-time. So first time using this interface =)

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I’ve been a little bit too busy/stressed lately to do more than one game at a time, but if I lose my current CAMS game, I’d be happy to challenge you. Hopefully you get an opponent before that, though!

Andreas, you might be more of my speed. The beasts at the forum have been devouring me mercilessly, and I thank them for it! But perhaps I’ll fair better against someone who is just getting into the forums. I’ll play you as mono purple. You can get P1 - start a thread and if you have any questions about how to play on the forums, feel free to ask.


I hear you. Let’s plan to play one when you next have a chance then. Feel free to message me or create the thread, however it works.

Holytispon, sounds good to me =)

I’m happy to provide you with what will likely be a less competitive game than you might be used to. I was actually hoping for a game against mono purple (my brother’s usual choice), so it works out perfectly.

I’m going to head out now for the night (to actually play a FFA 4-way codex haha), and will be back later to start the thread (US East time). See you then


I rolled a 6, so you can go ahead and create the thread when you get the chance. (;

I might need a day or two of down time; that last game was tense. But I’ll definitely join in when I can. (Also no worries if you want to finish your current game against HolyT.

I’ll be trying out [Necromancy]/Past/Discipline.

Sounds good. I rolled a 14. I’ll create the thread next chance I have, maybe tomorrow. Respond at your leisure.

Looking for a casual game as mono Black, rnd=40

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I’ll have one, mono-purple, rnd 6


hi friends, super new to the forums, and basically super new to codex (I’ve played like 6 games against a friend)

would anyone be willing to teach me both the game and the play by post? :smiley: