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I was lamenting to @JonnyD after our match that I don’t have a good way of managing a pen-and-paper notebook during most of my recent Yomi games, which is a shame, because I lose a lot of good Perse information fodder (and just general miss supers-known-from-powerups).

I realized afterwards that I have all the tools I need to build myself such a notebook that can just live beside the game as I play, and so, I did: Yomi Hand Tracker

Currently, it lets you click specific cards to mark them as being in-hand/known-out-of-hand, and specify how many cards your opponent has.

Future features that I’ve considered:

  • A range-tracker where you punch in the A/B/D/T as they happen, and it reads back the proportions in the last 5/10/15 turns and it displays that history.
  • A probability calculator
  • Horizontal mode, so that the tracker can go below your game window, if that floats your boat (EDIT: Done!)

I haven’t yet used it in anger, but I expect to whenever I play my next match. Check it out, let me know if any of you find it useful and/or have feature suggestions and requests.


You went above and beyond of what I expected you to do. This is absolutely brilliant.

I’d like to make a couple of suggestion.
Used cards instead of red would be better see through/strike through or something.
The known hand, instead would require cards to be bigger (the images are really little), or yomi being yomi, could use text instead, like 3h etc.

EDIT: plus, another thing. I believe this to be a great tool for beginners, but at a high level is more dangerous than it seems. Sorting discard works perfectly for tracking what is not available anymore, and the game log shows the last revealed cards. Many, many vets play slowly already (i’ve seen many of them running out of time or going close to it often), cuz they have to keep in mind their own range, the opponent’s and calculate the payoff of every move, for knowing if they have lethal in hand or if their opponents may have it. Relying on the OHT would take even more time, hence one would run out of time so often that it would actually be a blast for the opponent (for me, at least), and to recover timer bar one should play fast, not checking the OHT and hence probably scared. jst my 2 cents


Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see how much time it adds to turns… I already have too much timer pressure when playing Perse, sometimes, so if this adds on too much overhead, I’l definitely know it. :smile:

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you playing as perse or against perse?

As Perse, I frequently accidentally run out the timer.

I love the app as it stands now, but I don’t think the range-tracker or probability calculator would be good additions. One step short of playing with an RNG aid, IMO.

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Yeah, I was debating that myself, to some degree. Perhaps the range tracker just keeps the raw list of ATBD that you input, and makes it a bit more easily accessible than scrolling back through the logs?

On the other hand, does giving this sort of tool for handling to known public information just put more emphasis on Yomi and valuation as the key player skills?

Both good thoughts. I’ll have to think about it myself and make up my own mind, but I’m glad to hear we seem to have similar perspectives on this.

People already use RNG aids to play Yomi (some of the best players historically have) so it’s not really a slippery slope at this point, we are already lying at the bottom of the cliff.


And people who were found out using RNG generators were life long banned from tourneys and their data was deleted from historical charts. It’s a slippery slope.

RNG is different than this notebook. In particular RNG gives you something that you otherwise don’t have, a bias free way of choosing an option in a mixup (which is anti-yomi).

They actually weren’t. This is a blatant lie.

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I had the impression that the only reason use of RNGs in organized play isn’t banned as a matter of course is that such a ban is unenforceable… what is the actual history on this topic?

The history is you are exactly correct. People have admitted to using RNGs to great success (and continued to do so long after the topic was a huge red flag). It is actively discouraged by the game creator and named as being against the spirit of the game, but since (as you say) you can’t stop it, especially on an online client, banning it would be pointless.

Yeah, I was using the unicode characters for the cards, which worked fine on the browser I was developing on, but isn’t so useful on other browsers. I’ll come up with another solution.

That actually looks really cool, I just can’t tell what the little rectangles at the top of the screen are telling me. If those are the card images you were discussing then they definitely have to be bigger.

This seems to me like a very easy and quick way to visualize your own hand/deck as Lum so you can see how viable it would be to wait for flushes/straights.

IIRC there was this succesful player, Avatar Z(not sure about his nick) that at some point admitted using an RNG generator for his yomi play. AFAIK he got banned and his data deleted from the historical charts. @Leontes am i missing something?
Also sirling got angry big time for that.

Wasn’t ntillerman pretty explicit about using the RNG built into the online client?

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He did it early on but he stopped doing it or at least being vocal about doing it by the time I started playing. But yes it is very easy to find numerous videos of him doing it and he was definitely not banned as a result and to my knowledge did not have any of his record discredited.